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Fubz's (silly) Singing Thread - Any interest?


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First thing's first - you don't need to be able to sing, actually it's probably better if you can't img-1991860-1-biggrin.png


Alrighty, well how this is going to work you ask? That's for a later time, right now just wanting to see if anypony's actually interested img-1991860-2-tongue.png but a suggested idea is in the large spoiler (which you don't need to read)



Step 1 - Choosing the song

-Every week or so we'll submit the first 6 songs that you want to sing under the theme I choose. It can be any song as long as there are enough lyrics in it and fits the theme. Then we'll vote on which one to sing. Whatever gets the most votes in a day or so is the winrar. Be sure to add a link to the song.


Step 2 - Singing

-You should still be able to sing even if you don't have a microphone at home. Use your phone or sing through your headphones/speakers if you plug it into the pink microphone socket rather than the green one.

-Try to sing the full song, have the song playing into your earphones or something while you sing so you get the timing right.

-If you don't want to sing the full song, then at least join in the chorus! If you join into somepony else's choice then we'll join in with your choice :U As long as we get some content in!

-You don't have to sing amazingly well, as long as you're loud! If you're not loud it's not good. REMEMBER BE LOUD D:! As long as we sing with power and passion nothing else matters (except timing of course)


Step 3 - Submitting

-Just send your recording to this email (to be created). Voices will be kept confidential huhu.

- Filename:- Name of song and something something

-Send us a message in the email :U


Step 4 - Editing.

-I require halp with this, can someone edit for me? It should be really simple.


Step 5 - Uploading

-I'll probably upload to YouTube because it's funny and we can all add annotations.



Hopefully it'll be really fun, we'll need to adjust what's the best way to go about it so the things in the spoiler aren't final at all.


So, anyone interested? What do you like to sing the most and what's your your preferred way to sing, in a group together or alone and then submitting in?

Edited by Fubz
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