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Request Art needed for the funeral of a niece and nephew of mine.


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Hey guys.

A tornado passed through my neighborhood today, and in it doing so, I lost my niece and nephew. They were with me, and I had to protect them. I failed. They couldn't hold onto my arms as the winds carried them away. I still remember what they shouted as they flew into the tornado. Their last word were "we love you".

I am going to be overseeing the funeral of the pair, and I wanted art in their memory.


If you're willing to make some art for my lost niece and nephew, thank you.

What I want is this:

I want a picture of both versions of Light Streak at a tombstone, with their arms around each other with tears in their eyes, and the tombstone reads: in loving memory, we never forget. 2003-2013.


Here are the two Light Streaks pictures.













If you're willing to do this, I, and the rest of my family, thank you in the most sincere way possible.

Because I know only one thing happened for sure today:

Heaven got two new angels.

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