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What're everyone's ages?

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I'm currently 18 years old.

@Randimaxis i know someone on deviantart who’s 50 & brony lol :3

I’ll be 19 in just three months! 

Currently 30, but I'll turn 31 the day before the con.

Oh, happy birthday ^_^


wait, 33? I thought you said 30 :S

huh, you think you know someone... oh yeah age 28 but by may it'll be one tick closer to eternity... 29.

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Well, I have been told I have a babyface and people have wondered if I was the 15 year old member of the group, but I have also had twenty-somethings assume that they were the youngest in the room while I was sitting next to them.


In truth? 18.

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The fact that my facial hair started coming in my freshman year of high school has meant that, for the longest time, people tend to overestimate my age by about 10 years. They still do, as a matter of fact! Of course, considering my beard... 8-)


Not-uncommon trifecta of reactions from my junior year:

  • [*:377f36qs]"You're 16?" (they thought I was 26) :lol: [*:377f36qs]"You don't have a driver's licence??" (wasn't on my list of priorities)[*:377f36qs]"You're not interested in getting one?!?" (between having a decent bus system and a warped sense of walking distance, I just shrugged it off)
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Don't forget that I also have a warped sense of walking distance: if I can walk there in the time allotted, it's within walking distance. Heck, give me a week and sufficient supplies, and I could undoubtedly walk to Seattle from Spokane!


I'd rather take some other form of transportation, though. :P

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