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What're everyone's ages?


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27, turning 28 end of June.


The age bracket we are seeing was at first surprising, but now that i think about it, the biggest age group that attends Sakura con is 20-30 year olds-i used to think the majority was teenagers.

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17, I guess slightly on the younger side of things but still close to the middle of it all. I find the large age range actully rather nice, all of us tied together by our mutal love for ponies! Right?

Love for ponies, and appreciation of encountering others that help restore my faith in humanity. Come for the enjoyable show, stay for the incredible community. :mrgreen:

I couldn't have said it better myself! :) Anyways 26 here. I'll turn 27 a week after I get back from Everfree. Totally pumped and cannot wait to meet so many more bronies. I don't know any other bronies personally here where I live, just the brony friends I've met online. So I'm pretty excited!

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Uh-oh... I could be the oldest at 38. :o

I bet there will be older Bronies at the convention.


Yes, 42 here. Daughter is 12. (Assuming we get passes on Saturday)


Both of us are pretty hard core fans.


I know a brony on another forum who is in his late 40s. BTW, that forum is non-MLP oriented but we have developed our own brony sub-group on it.

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I'm glad to see that I'm not the oldest one here. Though perhaps I'm the oldest pegasister (as apposed to brony). I'm 34 at the moment, but my birthday is Aug 17, I kid you not. Everfree is the best birthday present ever!

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Oh dont worry, 34 is a great age. Its better than to be in the middle of 20s. The middle 20s are weird. You are in the feelings of between a teenager and a woman :D I dont know how that works with males though :D

I feel the exact same feeling as a guy. You still feel as if you are treated as a kid, but legally an adult who makes adult decisions.


Oh, I'm 22 btw.

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