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Hello Everypony


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I'm new here and also relatively new to MLP. I got in to MLP over the summer (2013). 


My favorite Mane6: All of them. (But Fluttershy! <(','<) ) 

My favorite non Mane6 pony: Spike. 

My favorite TV series of all time (besides MLP of course!): The Office

My favorite Band: Red Hot Chili Peppers


What are yours?  :D  :)  B)  ;)  :huh:  :wacko:



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Welcome to the herd! 

My favorite main 6 ...well thats a hard one but at the moment it is probably pinkie pie

None main..Zecora! 

I love the office too !!! 

And I don't really have a favorite band  :( but anyway I hope you have fun on the forums! 


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hahahah you guys are awesome!!!! I appreciate such a warm reception. Makes me feel really nice. Thanks


Oh I should clarify in my original post it sounds like I like every mane6 pony EXCEPT Flutters. Quite the contrary. Flutters is my favorite mane6 pony!!!


New question for the list though: is there anything you really want to have happen (or have seen) in s4 that hasn't happened yet?

If I may I would like to see Discord in a good-guy role (for more than a sixteenth of an episode)

I would like to see more Spike and Flutters interaction because let's be honest how cute would tat be!! 

A Big Mac episode? 


I don't know what about y'all!!

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