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Over Analyzing a Music Video

Rainbow    Dash


I promised myself i wouldnt become one of these people who have nothing better to do than to analyze the media arts. For the time it took to write my analyzation/critique of the video I could have wrote more on my novella, or beat my video game.


The video I am referring to:


My analyzation:


I dont get this video. There are so many illogical events in this, its like it was directed by the same director of The Room.

Cops begin firing at Adam, even though he put down his gun. In a real situation, the cops wouldnt fire at all unless given the direct order from the highest ranking officer on the scene. Not only that, but they wouldnt fire at a suspect who put their gun down, or who had a hostage(not that she was).


Also, Adam ran away from the cops? Unless he had an outstanding warrant out on him, there would be no reason for him to run away from the cops. Also, stealing a conveniently placed, badass car? How much cornier and cliched can you get? The song itself doesn't even match the damn video. Its a song about a girl leaving Adam out to hang/dry. Lets make a video about an innocent bank teller running from the cops and random explosions, followed by Wiz Khalifa rapping under a bridge. Let's not forget that Wiz dropped his car off at the valet, in front of a hotel-miles away from the bridge-, and Adam stole Wiz's car to escape. Did Wiz Khalifa turn into Spritle or Chim-Chim?

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