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It was a fun ride.



Hi everyone. Effective immediately I am stepping down from the position of moderator. Long story short, holding an official capacity on this forum requires regular participation and an ongoing investment of time and energy. An investment that, due to circumstances beyond my control, was nonetheless lacking on my part. Faced with that, resignation was the only realistic choice available.


As my time on staff draws to a close, I wanted to say thank you to the team for the opportunity to serve. It has been an honor. Before anyone asks, no, I am not leaving the forums altogether. I may not be on as often as in the past but I promise I will continue to be around. You're all welcome to drop me a PM any time even if it's just to say hi. :)

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It's been a wonderful journey with you, Wingnut. As always, though, life comes first. Good luck! o7

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Godspeed, Spider-Man... And the best of luck to you. Thank you for your service - we're here to honor you...and now it's time to make the donuts. 



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Sorry to hear that Wingnut, but you have to do what's best. 


I shall wait patiently to be given your spot so I can enforce mandatory Silver Spoon worship on the entire board.

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