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MLP Forumversary - MMMM Cake.



"MLP Forums"


That simple search on April 10th, 2014 led me to one of the more interesting, surprising, and rewarding experiences of my life. I said this on our BABSCon panel last week, but I would not have predicted that in a years time I would be on staff, have as many friends as I do, and coming off of an intensely satisfying experience meeting so many of them.


One year. I had to look up my own Welcome Post





Now that is interesting. There are three major differences these days. I had been promoted at my company just a few weeks after this post, and again shortly after that. I barely find time to write these days so the Scrivener comment seems like an old forgotten friend. Then ... Rarity happened. <3


What happened on the forum in one year? Well ... The MLPF World Cup, finding the RFC, long discussions on defending characters, taking my pulpit as the Prophet of Fabulosity, decrying Tom the rock everywhere I go, the newsletter, becoming a member of the Q&A team, accepting a moderator position, the MCM charity, Button's Mom nonsense, and capping it off with BABSCon. The tomfoolery was amusing to be sure, but that is not why I stay here. I stay because the people who populate this community make it worth while. I stay because of you guys, many of whom epitomize the core values of this show. I love this community and here is to another year.


Oh, and I have put on my original avatar that some may remember. Don't worry, Fashion Horse will return.



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Jeric,I don't have much else to say that other people didn't already told ya. Your intelligence,passion and bossing over me on Poniverse Newsletter have made me a slightly better person.

I'm happy of having met you,and I hope to see you around for years to come. Now let us drink on glory,and celebrate the past,the present and the future of Jeric,your future,because you'll keep becoming an even better person,of that's possible,and being target of my randomness and threads.



Button's Mom nonsense

[19:47:49] Jeric: You guys are shipping me with a mare that kills like a Xenomorph

Never forget c:

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