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To Their Respective Futures

ignore pls


"Time passes, people move. Like a river's flow, it never ends."


On November 18, 2011, I left the anti-brony "crusade" in favor of neutrality. This neutrality lasted until January 24, 2012, when I joined the MLP fandom. How funny is it that I joined the very thing I used to hate. It ended up helping me during one of the toughest times of my life, when a nerve was caught in my right elbow and it was misdiagnosed as tendinitis, which led to a very painful two years. Watching MLP and the friendships I gained through the show and fandom helped me through this time.


We all want to be the very best, like no-one ever was. Even after I joined the fandom, I was pretty insufferable for months after. The first MLP-based forum I joined, Ponyville.net, seemed a pretty great fit for me at first. Over time, though, I realized that it was shit and ended up leaving the forum a year later. Apparently they didn't like my criticism of their staff and community, so I got banned from there. Oh well, not like I planned on using it again anyway.


Truth be told, my first few months in the fandom were a bit rough, for reasons aside from my insufferable-ness. As an example, a few weeks after I joined, Derpygate happened. I still maintain that it was stupid and should have never happened, and frankly I'm disappointed that even now in 2015, three years later, I still see people saying "SAVE DERPY!" Just let it go already, people. It's three years after the fact, it happened, it was stupid and never should have been a thing in the first place, but you're three years late to the party.


I also have other grievances with the fandom, but out of respect for everyone here I will not go over them in this blog. Truth be told, my leaving of the MLP fandom and rejoining the Pokémon fandom was inevitable. Pokémon is something that I've enjoyed since I was a little kid, while MLP is something I basically forced myself into watching and enjoying after the first year. While I did legitimately enjoy a few episodes, namely Lesson Zero, I didn't find a lot of them particularly memorable and to be honest, I've forgotten a lot of them. I had to remind myself that the season 1 finale was the Grand Galloping Gala, as an example. It's a good show, I just didn't find it very... memorable. Hasbro's recent actions, namely Fan Pandering: The Episode, turned me off from it completely. While MLP did help me through the aforementioned tough times, that was mostly the fandom that did so rather than the show itself. To be honest, I actually wanted to leave the fandom a long time ago, but put it off until 2015 because I didn't want idiots to ruin it for me. I wasn't actually that happy being in the fandom from October 2013 on. Leaving the fandom was a pretty... liberating thing for me.


In fact, my leaving here wasn't something that came out of the blue. When I joined here in 2013, I saw some real potential. Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, I don't see that same potential anymore. Nothing against any of you guys, I'm just... not feeling it anymore and honestly haven't been feeling it since November 2014. I've become disillusioned to the Poniverse dream, if you will. It's more than just me leaving the MLP fandom, if that's what you thought it was.


That being said, I don't hate bronies. My decision to leave has nothing to do with me suddenly deciding to rejoin the anti-bronies or some shit like that. I've made some wonderful friends during my time here, and even though I may not speak often with you, I still care about you. Silently. But I care about you. Trust me.


So, with these words, I want to say this to not just my friends here, but also everyone else on here: do you have a dream? Make it come true! We gain more if we give; by taking, we only lose. Make this a new age where we show our gratitude rather than our selfishness. Be sure that you create a world of not just your, but everyone's hopes and dreams. A world where we can all be free.


Well then...

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Sad to see you leave, mate :/

Well hey, you know where to find me.


Gonna keep my contact info up if anyone wants to get in touch with me.

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While i don't necessarily have the same opinion on the show, i salute you for your honesty and your wonderful post.


Stay strong Daring. You will be missed.

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Thank you for your honesty.  The only reason I found these forums is because of you honestly, and I made a great many more friends because of that.  


And I do have a dream, and that dream is to keep my friends happy and create programs that improve people's day to day lives or programs to just let people explore their creative side in general (might make them lazier too, but oh well).


See you around.

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It's really sad to see you go, but I do appreciate your honesty and your decision to leave. There are times like this one where I also wanted to leave the fandom because of disinterest, but I've met many great people there that I would feel rather empty without them.


I do hope I could achieve my dream. I've been trying to tell myself recently that even if I'm in a tight spot with life and how I could achieve my dream, I can still achieve what I want in my life. Your advice is very helpful, since I also need to remind myself to not make this dream always about myself.


I hope I could stay in contact with you more. You are one of the smartest people I have ever met.

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Bye Daring, you will be missed here. :(


At least we exchanged steam id's, feel free to hit me up any time.

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You are one of the best friends I've met on here, mate, and it's cool that we befriended over common interests and having similar mindsets.

I'll probably be sticking around here even though I said(and left for a month) I'd leave this forum.

I'll still be in touch on steam as usual, though. 

Have one last Twily picture to see you off.


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