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Let's get some things straight



Alright so I feel like this needs to be said.


A number of people are blowing the current situation out of proportion just so they can pursue some grievances they have with the MLPF staff. Frankly it's venomous and disgusting to see that kind of behaviour; especially so in a time where we're meant to be having serious discussion on how we proceed in regards to the leadership of Poniverse.


It's also disgusting to see some ex staff members jumping in simply to spit more venom and to try and stir things up even more than they already had been. It's childish and not wanted.


I feel like I need to make a few things fairly clear with people, the issue currently at hand deals with the council of Poniverse, not MLPF. Its true that they are the ones who deal with the higher level decisions in regards to the organisation as a whole but they do not have a hand in the direct running of MLPF, that belongs solely to the administrators, moderators and sectionals of this site (of which Simon and Stitch are not a part of). Feeling as though the issues within the council directly correlate to MLPF breaking down is simply ridiculous.


At this moment in time I can't think of a single member of MLPF's staff group that I would point out as a problem. Whether you choose to believe me or not is up to you, but that's what I believe. I also feel as though MLPF is in a decent spot right now in regards to the daily running of the site and the policies we have in place; at the very least we're in a better spot than we were a year ago. This whole matter with the council does not and will not change that.


Now I know there are those of you who want to spin this into some defensive PR speech and to try and peg me as some white knight, but what you may not know is that I fully agree with Jeric's disclosure of his grievances. I fully agree that we need some serious discussion and possible changes to the Poniverse council. What I do not agree with is people trying to twist this situation into a witch hunt in where they feel free to abuse ANYONE involved in this situation. That kind of behaviour is disgusting and abhorrent.


For those of you who feel as though this situation will act as the beginning of the apocalypse for MLPF...please stop. As I said before, these events do not effect the running of MLPF in any way. The site will not crumble through the action or inaction of the council. I agree that this is a troublesome time so if you feel uncomfortable being here, please take a break and come back in a couple of weeks. By then things should have calmed down and we'll have had the appropriate discussions underway.


I love this site, I love the people I work with and Im sure many of you love what this site has done for you, the friends you've made and the discussions you've had. Don't throw that away so easily without knowing how this directly effects you...it doesn't.

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I know you guys are maybe running damage control, but I think Jeric's topic, at least, should've stayed up (I'm Team Jeric, all the way).  You're just confusing some members who weren't around for the pretty long period of time that everything was available to read.  If people want to jump ship, that's their business.

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Agreed, heed not the rabble , who scream revolution!They have not your interest at heart. Chaos and blood-shed are not a solution, Don't let them lead you astray o-o


Subtle reference is subtle


I don't really know how far this rabbit hole goes, and though I can't say much for Eloquence, Jeric has always shown himself to be a man worthy of utmost trust. So if he says everything's going bonkers , I am deeply inclined to believe him. 


However, I do agree that a witch hunt is not the solution and folks shouldn't bail, There are better ways to solve this matter. Plus, I am quite certain that most who had decided to leave, already had their foot out the door way before this incident had even occurred. 

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At this point, I am waiting to see what will come of this. Will things improve? I doubt it, but one can hope.

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I think it's gross that people are actively defending that sleezeball, but hey!  Since they're a good moderator, that tooootally makes it okay, right?  

Thanks for the topic, hope people realize just how cringey they're being.  :)

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I don't think this is the end of MLPF, and that's not what this is about. The discussion about the council really needs to happen though. My reasons for going inactive are completely separate from this issue, but it definitely spurred me on to leave sooner. If things change for the better, I might consider coming back, but for now it seems I'm kind of an old member whose outstayed their welcome

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