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SSSSSSSSSome fun, with the Tapping little colt. :)



Look who jumped into my coilsssssss. It'sssssss the sssssshy and nervousssssss little Tender Tapsssssss. He won't have to worry though, assssssss my hypnosissssssssss will keep him calm and relaxed, assssssss me and my new friend, will have ssssssssome fun together. :)


Thanks to my good friend Hypnopony, for this great pic: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Mesme-s-Entertainment-641997018

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now that's the next level of cuteness :3 if you turn the image upside down looks like Scootalloo thinks Mesme is holding a gun xD

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Mesme looks like he's about to go in for the kill. And by kill i mean he's about to boop Tender Taps on the nose.

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