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"To do list", meet "free time".




I get chided quite a bit by family members for spending so much time in front of LCD screens, but I find that to be a rather ludicrous notion.




Okay okay, so I tend to be on more than I think, but to me, that's not a bad thing: I'm always working on my "to do list".


What is my "to do list" though? When people (such as parents) ask: "Well what have you been doing all day?", I can't really answer them. None of the things that I do throughout the day are ever really relevant to the conversation - they're just small tasks (Fifteen minute/half hour tasks) that I don't even really think about. I usually just shrug them off. Thus, the family - and quite a few other people that I know - seem to think that I have a bunch of free time in my hands. Granted, I can almost always make room for such things, but can I really call it free time?


In just the last two days, I've been at work for 8+ hours, drafted three different songs in three different genres, generated concepts for pony art for someone, built a server from the ground up, installed two different operating systems on said server (as the first one was riddled with issues), installed file sharing programs which have since decided not to run, started work on a college resume,began transcoding MLP episodes for a pony project, and have done whatever other odd jobs that my parents have asked me to do in between.


That still leaves me with the tasks of ordering a new laptop (plus extra RAM and some laptop accessories for my mom's new Macbook Air), redistributing partitions on my server to connect the dual hard drives, finish connecting the server to the web, ordering new synthesizers for FL Studio while they're on sale, getting a *real* draft of my pony art done (instead of just get concepts down on paper), submitting a resume music to Subsphere Records, and many, many other smaller tasks which have been accumulating for weeks on end. All of these I had hoped to get done by right about...now.



Are any of these necessary? Nah. I can push them back when needed, which tends to happen quite a bit. But I've got to admit: this list is starting to make me feel like Twilight here! :blink: There's just not enough time in one day!


I've been looking forward to this winter break for a long time, but the amount of free time I've actually received is a degree less than what I had hoped. I've been excited to start on all of these small projects, but somehow my entire break has dwindled away without significant improvements. What happened?!?


To be fair: I haven't really disliked any of the tasks that have taken precedence over my own personal list of projects. It's a mere "first world problem" in the big picture. Perhaps I'll get to it after the New Year's parties at my relative's houses.


I see a light at the end of the tunnel though: This week looks totally clear. Perhaps...perhaps I'll finish this list!

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