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Now that I think about it, the MLP Movie sequel needs to be more tragic.

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A while ago this month, I posted my idea of an MLP Movie about Celestia and Luna going to war against the Timeless Empire with a number of allies(Some from the first movie).  But I have changed things for my idea.

First off, Starlight does not get hit by a poison orb of some sort.  Instead, she serves two things

1) As Twilight is still not with Celestia, Starlight serves to help comfort her mentor's mentor through these hard times, even going as far as to heal Celestia when she suffers a wing injury.

2) She ends up showing the Empress why its wrong to hold onto the past, at Celestia's request.  In fact, Starlight uses her own past as a dictator to showcase the wrongdoings on this.

3) She takes a blow for the Empress, only for the latter to revitalize the former with the waters of eternity, showcasing her own fear of seeing life be taken away.


In fact, the Empress Eternia is unwilling to want to let others die.  To her, Death is something she fears.  She kept her subjects alive and healthy, wanting them to live as long as time itself.  However, one thousand years of this ideology has had a terrible toll on her psyche.  She believes that all life needs to be preserved, no matter the consequences.


ANd yes, I'm keeping the idea of the Empress being Celestia and Luna's birth mother.


At the climax, the Empress teams up with Celestia and Luna to fight her own vizier, who has become powerful enough to wipe out all life from Equestria.  This forces the three alicorns to abandon their "All life is sacred" principle and attempt to destroy the vizier(Formerly the adviser).  But the vizier is too powerful for everyone.  As her last action, the Empress sacrifices herself to destroy the Vizier.  She succeeds, but at the cost of her life.  As she's dying, she apologizes to her daughters, and realizes that all life must come to an end, even those who have lived a long time.  

After the funeral of the Empress, Princess Luna realizes that the Timeless Empire has no leader.  Knowing fully well this means being apart from her elder sister Celestia Prime, Princess Luna surrenders her title of Princess of Equestria and becomes the new Empress of the Timeless Empire, hoping to build a new future and create new generations of Timeless citizens.  Empress Luna says goodbye to Celestia Prime as she takes her place as the new Empress.  Her first act: Seal off the waters of Eternity.

The reason why I chose to change it is to have a more tearful ending instead of the more happily ever after ending.  A more harsh lesson that one day, we must all depart this world, and it's not that easy to let go.  

What do you all think?  Better change to my ideal MLP Movie sequel?

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