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Kyoshi's Worst Game of 2017



2017, what a year. Gaming was big, really big. New Nintendo console, amazing games, some corporate craziness that pizza'd off the gaming world...Which reminds me, I might be starting a new split up blog post purchase service, Blog Boxes. Sounds like a good idea no?

Anywho, bad games. Those happened like they do every year. Games like Road Rage and Hello Neighbor were apparently really trashMcnasty, but I didn't play those. I actually didn't play a whole lot of bad games this year, not many I can think of. I have been pretty selective with my purchases this year. With my selection being so limited for this particular category, I actually did not pick a game that is absolutely horrible on a technical level. Not entirely. Instead, I have chosen something that is simply drenched with greed. A game that spewed garbage through its advertising, through its story, through its entire existence.

I think you all might know what I am talking about here. I have played this game for a while and honestly, the it gets worse each time I boot it up. It becomes less and less fun, and it already was pretty boring to begin with.

My worst game of 2017 is......wait for it.....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiit........hey, chill out, woah why you bouncing around the room woah hey don't break that AHHHHHH

Call of Duty World War 2


Congrats Activision and Sledgehammer Games! Sledgehammer Games is so appropriate of a name, since that's all they know what to do. Putting a Sledgehammer through games. CoD WW2 is a game I seriously wanted to like, I did. I liked this series at one point, it DID do some good things for multiplayer in general, but that was in the past. This series is now a dead cow that is still trying to be milked by Activision. Every single year, a $60 game, with a $50 season, on the same old rusty engine that looks like crap. That is no different here. This time though, it is even more special! This game had some of the worst marketing that I have ever seen. Constantly ramming it into our skulls that the game has 'boots on the ground'. "BOOTS ON THE GROUND FOLKS, BOOTS ON THE GROUND. YOU GET IT YET???? BUY OUR GAME!!!" Constantly saying 'boots on the ground' for a first person shooter, would be like if a developer made a platformer game and said "WE BROUGHT BACK JUMPING!" Not only that, but that is basically Activision yelling at the top of a mountain "HEY, WE WENT BACKWARDS GUYS! ISN'T IT AWESOME?"

The campaign is boring, Michael Bay levels of stupid, with a WW2 skin. It rips off several famous WW2 movies, like Saving Private Ryan of course, has explosions everywhere, over the top garbage including an absolutely stupid looking train derailment scene, and it is nothing but America ego stroking! How? It only shows the war through an AMERICAN perspective. THAT'S IT. The largest war in human history, consisting of many, MANY nations, and they choose Murica as the sole one to focus on. Amazing. Absolutely incredible. Because America was the only country in the war, obviously. Wrap this all up with a story that tries to be emotional, but it just comes off as cliche. It is as basic as you can get for some American WW2 story, it really is.

The multiplayer...Ugh. The multiplayer is the same shlock we have been playing for almost a decade. Not much is changed. The only additions are things that Activision of course hyped to hell and back, but they aren't anything that matters. A stupid headquarters to run around in, which only serves the purpose to show of your oh so amazing loot crates to people, and War mode. If you don't know what War mode is, take Battlefield 1, make it look incredibly shitty, make the play-field barebones and strict, and embarrassingly dumb cutscenes. Bam, you have War mode. It is horrible. Everything else you hate about the franchise is still here. The lack, the bad hit detection, the half a milisecond kill times, the same basic modes other than the aforementioned shitty War mode. The multiplayer is boring, shallow, and copy and paste as far as the eye can see. Nothing about it is unique. Nothing about it is special. You can pop in Modern Warfare 2 from 2009 and get the same overall experience. Shoot shoot bang bang kill people shoot boom bang shoot boom BOOM BANG SHOOT BOOM. Nothing else. The same old shit. THE. SAME. OLD. SHIT. EVERY. YEAR. $60 every year, every time. No innovation, no passion. It is all greed. Business. Money. MONEY. Oh yeah, and the graphics are shit, at least for a franchise of this size. Splatoon 2 on my Nintendo Switch looks better in 1080p, than CoD does in 4K.

As for the zombies mode...I dunno. Haven't played it. Sick of the stupid generic zombies bullshit. Killing Floor 2 has become my go-to horde mode style game. It is super fun, except it is having crashing issues now for no reason. I would rather play a crashing game though than this new CoD shit.

So yeah, that's it. Call of Duty sucks, you know that, I know that. I am just so stunned that the game is so bad despite being a so called passion project by the devs and being a 'return to form'. If the return to form was trying to be shit, then they succeeded amazingly.

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I was a bit surprised by how quickly this Call of Duty game fell in price. A real stinker even by recent CoD standards.


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I dunno, I think it's a great game. Granted, I haven't played it a lot yet. The only problem for me is the usual cost/DLC thing. As a game, I think it's enjoyable, though.

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Aren't you a bit harsh? Sure, it isn't the best game in the world but it's far from the worst.  I mean, the gameplay is alright nor is it pay 2 win. 

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Call of Duty games seem to have been, for the most part, mediocre at best since Modern Warfare 3. I've just been avoiding the franchise altogether to be honest, and WWII sounds like the bottom of the barrel.

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Exactly. However, they did bring back the healthbar from the very first call of duty game.

however, if you want a good ww2 cod game, World At War is where the monets at. Good multiplayer, good zombies, and two campaigns: The american and the soviet union campaign (no offense, but i enjoyed the soviet union campaign much more than i did the us campaign)

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10 hours ago, Yamet said:

Aren't you a bit harsh? Sure, it isn't the best game in the world but it's far from the worst.  I mean, the gameplay is alright nor is it pay 2 win. 

Nope. The way I see it, you can never be too harsh against a game that is this much filled with greed. Sure, the game isn't pay to win yet, but the very fact that it has micro-transactions is appalling. The series makes billions every year from sales alone and it has a $50 season pass on top of that, as well as little bits of DLC released here and there, and it has to have micro-transactions on top of all of that? Fuck that. The gameplay is 'alright' because it is the most basic you can get for an FPS. We've seen this 2 million times before, there isn't even an ounce of creativity here, from the most successful series in the world no less. Activision is nothing but a shit company and I am tired of people giving them a free pass while they crucify EA over things. If people are gonna destroy EA, they should do the same to Activision because they are just as bad. I mean, Battlefront 2's loot system was terrible, yet WW2's system is literally all about showing off to other players to make them buy more loot boxes themselves. That's the whole gimmick in CoD WW2 with the loot boxes, opening them in a place where everyone can see.

11 hours ago, memelicious said:

Was expecting Battlefront II honestly

I actually don't own this one. Even if I did own it, I don't think it would be worse than CoD WW2, even with that horrendous loot system. The game itself is at least well done and an improvement over the first game, which I can't say for CoD.


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