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My New Album Out! Yay!



Well I have the first of 3 albums out now that I've planned to collect the brony music I've worked on for a little over a year. It's called U+I and it's out now for free on bandcamp.




This album focuses on remixes of some amazing talent (hence the U+I title), some of the more positive themes, and variety of styles and genres of dance music I've made. I hope you check out and enjoy this free album as it has some newer versions of older tracks and is a retrospective of the joy, themes, and inspiration i've tried to channel from the show. It features remixes of And The Rainfall (my pal through thick and thin), Evdog, FraGMenTd, Stars in Autumn, Sub.Sound, Psychedelic Brony, Aviators, SoGreatAndPowerful, Jackleapp, Copycat, PinkiePieSwear, and EverfreeLuna.


Second album will be Chaos Squared and focus on villains, discorded ponies, and darker music. Third album will be Bootleg and will feature plunderphonics and sampled medleys, covers, and mash-ups. But those are a ways off so I hope that you check out U+I as it's a labor of love and an album I've been working on for a month or two to just get in shape for you to enjoy.




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Downloaded it just now, after listening to the first song. Will give full impressions after I've listened to the album in full, but I like what I'm hearing so far.

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Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. I don't go on this site very often these days. :P


Overall, I found the album very enjoyable, professional sounding, and containing a number of earworms that won't be leaving my head anytime soon.


I think the highlight for me was the "Balloon in My Basket" remix, which is one of the greatest feel-good remixes in the fandom. I'd actually had that song on my mp3 player for many months and loved it, back before I knew you'd changed your name from DJ-Pon3 to Freewave.


Other songs of particular note were the remix of "Spring", "Road to Appaloosa", and "Tonight". Most songs were at least good if not mind-blowing, though.


Only slight criticism I'd have is that some songs tend to use (or abuse) vocal clips a bit too much. "He's a Bear" is a great example, and probably the only track I didn't get any real enjoyment out of.


Congrats on finishing this album. You did a great job. :)

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welp, definitely have to get it when I get back home. always happy to add a new dash of brony music onto my ipod, y'know? so yeah, this'll be downloaded later. (if i'm lucky)

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Awesome! Thanks for checking that out. Lemme know what you think  ;)


FYI Album #2 will hopefully be out in 2 weeks time. While album #1 is all happy thoughts and friendship #2 is all about songs villians and chaos.

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It's awesome your doing different music styles on your album I never was a fan of Country music but good luck to you Freewave ! Anyway I'm a metal Musician in my spare time  once I get some software hooked to my computer to my casio keyboard I'll be rocking again don't know when but for now I'm writing lyrics on here called Unicornia  my ponified Metallica kick ass music check it out if you like in the forum under Pony F.M. enjoy Freewave !

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