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I've just found an adorable kitteh

Spigot The  Bear


blog-0656073001366332479.jpgI found this champ outside picking trash!


Now he is stir fry and he shall be mine and we will go on journeys through out the universe saving millions with his pure OG Kawaii.


He is a stray, under a year old, kawaii as all heck, loves me c: and matches my everything



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That is such an adorable kitty! <3 Luckily, you were able to find a stray and raise it as your own. May your journeys be filled with cat happiness.

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We've found and raised a few strays. One in particular is such a darling. It's nice to save a kitty from the streets and help them out. :)


Your kitty is adorable. I love his markings. Have fun with him and treat him well. 

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*gasp* KITTY!!!!!!! *tries to hug kitty* KITTY, Y I NO ABLE TO HUG YOU?!?!?!?!


In case you can't tell, I'm a sucker for kitties; that dude is awesome and adorable looking, and good on you for a good deed and taking the little fella in!

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