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Unrealistic Commercials

Rainbow    Dash


Now we all know when watching television, commercials are an inevitability (unless you have a DVR or watch one of those no commercials network like TCM). Some commercials are there to serve a purpose, such as trying to get people interested in a product, or warning people about certain behaviors (like smoking, drinking, A.D.D or bullying.).


The commercials the make me irate are those idiotic commercials selling something we, as humans, don't need. Let's take the 'GoGo Pillow' for example. Its basically an unneeded tablet stand when using your lap is too hard. Now granted there are some instances where this would be helpful and the supposed neck pillow it transforms into is a nice feature if you travel alot.



I ask, does the marketing division of these companies think we are monkeys? Sure it 'molds to any surface' but i don't slam my fingers on the tablet going:

"ner its so herd to use my tablet! I cant type on it normally. Instead i have to practically punch it to work on it."

I mean come on! Consumers are not that dumb. I use my tablet with normal accessories and still get a good view of what's going on on the screen.


It's not Just that product either. There are many commercials that assume that the user is so stupid that they don't know how to use critical thinking or problem solving to fix a simple problem.


"Burnt your dinner? then you need the-" shut up! If you burnt your dinner its your own fault. This problem can be fixed by actually paying attention to what you're doing.


"forgot where you parked your car? The you need this all new voice recorder." No you don't. If you forgot where you parked then odds are you shouldn't drive cause you're either drunk or high.


All I'm asking is to stop making us look like idiots. We aren't idiots, we have brains, we can solve problems.

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