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My Short Stories <3

Alirghty guys than you for the inspiration. Once in a while I take words and make them into short stories. Feel free to rate them and tell me which ones you like

I want to develop some writing skills so yeah, let me know what you think my readers :D

I took one word from each person and made it into a story.. hope you like it :D






@ ForeverFrozen Your word- Banana


"Mmmmm...", She sat licking her lips. It sat before her, big and juicy.

Looking up at him with big blue eyes she asks, "may I?" her voice asked so kind and sweet.

He nodded his approval as she took it in her hands. Excitement had overcome her as he just sat and watched.

​Peeling back the layer to reveal the underneath she licked and slurped the tip enjoying every bit.

She smile as she watched him he looked rather pleased, as she finished the banana, her most favorite fruit of all.





Okay... "Morgenröte." That's a German expression for the red sky in the morning.

She ran through the forest while holding her injured self close, her mind was a blur. A flurry of thoughts raced through her mind taunting her every step she took.

'Running is pointless.' It nagged

She began to quicken her pace, 'Oh you are silly aren't you?'

Laughter rang throughout her ears and her heart pounded fast. "Thump, thump, thump." 'Is that my heart or is someone..' Her thoughts were cut short by laughter.


Growing louder as she ran. The faster she went the louder the laughter became. She sat toying with herself on this journey she had started. It seemed like decades had passed, when in fact that would be untrue. 'You know you are wrong, you know it.'

"I am not wrong!" She screamed

Lowering her voice she continued, "It was self defense."

The voice snarled and sneered,'Oh really it was? It was not for lust, nor greed nor power? No it was for a far more selfish reason.. So that you could go on living while the others..'

"Stop!" She cried begging herself

"How can you ask for someone to die? how can you vanquish light so easily?"

'It is not I for I am you, I am merely what you think should have done.'

Snarling and snapping her thoughts grew harsh, giving up the fight she lay down to rest.


It was shortly after that medics had arrived, barely clinging to life she looked up to the sky it's brilliance shone bright that early morn. She lay back and uttered her last spoken words. "I know you were right, and for that I am wrong. The secrets I have you need to know, We don't have to fight we just have to..." She coughed and sputtered and she no longer spoke.

One last thought raced through her mind as she went on her way. 'How many had died because I could not say?'


The sun cried red that morning as it awoke. It cried in mourning for the ones he had lost, the friends who had been oh so very loyal, the fallen who had leaped to an eternal slumber, and the ones who would fall because no words were spoken.



Thank you for your words guys I hope you enjoyed it..

I ended a little sooner than I thought I would, so if you are still reading thanks:)


I figured it would be cool to write a story about the consequences of inaction.. I dunno :) that's all I got for now.... oh yeah, and banana's are delicious.


But if you would like a story just submit a word (if it's not English give me a meaning) This was kind of fun and I might do another one in the future.


Love you always and thank you so much for the feed back I have been getting tons as of late and it has really brought my spirits up. Thank you guys for everything.






Alrighty so today's story is brought to you by Pinkie_dust thank you for the word :D

the word is Sheep


An old grey nun lay dying in her bed. She croaked and hacked, calling out for her grandson. He rushed to her side, "What is the matter?" He asked worried.


The old lady smiled a toothy grin. "Close the door dear, I need to talk to you." She instructed.

The boy did as he was told and rushed back to her side. He sat in silence as the old lady confessed to him all the sins she had committed over the years. The boys sat and in a state of utter confusion. He idolized his grandmother, she was every thing he wanted to be. He looked to her and asked, "Why would you do all of those cruel things to those people you helped? Why would you torment them after you worked so hard to help?"


The old nun smiled and whispered, "I gave them hope, only to have ripped it away again. I let them believe it would be alright. I deceived the many so they would hope and pray and follow my path. Just as I have deceived you." A wicked smile over took her face, one that seemed to not be her own. A glint of red crossed her eyes as she took her last breath.

The boy sat at his dead grandmothers side, a smile crossed his face, "A wolf in sheep's skin."

Beware of the false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.




Next story compliments of MLP Moth

Your word was Flyingturtlezombierhino

Before we embark on this journey some background info on how my mind works should be helpful. I broke the word into two, Flyingturtle and Zombierhino. The inspiration came from Teen aged Mutant Ninja Turtles, and their nemesis Rhino... all I can say is enjoy :D


"It was another day in the big apple, and the Rhino was on a rampage only this time he was a zombie! World dominance is what he aimed for and I Michelangelo was the only one who could possibly save the world. I took my nun chucks and kicked his tail in a grueling karate fight, they should really call me flying turtle. I swear that's what happened Splinter, I didn't mean to be late for practice." The turtle exclaimed trying to reason with his master.


Splinter was not looking impressed with a grimace and a snarl he asked, "Then what is this? No more excuses." holding a bag filled with a green herb.

The turtle started to panic and fidget, "Aww, Splinter. I am real sorry." He stammered.

Splinter smiled a ratty grin. "You should be sorry, all I want is for you to share. It's not even that great." He stated calmly.

Michelangelo was taken aback, Splinter had reached into his pocket and pulled something out putting it to his lips he lit it and puffed heavily, "Try this, flying turtle" Splinter said with a chuckle


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