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Will our music stay with us?

Doctor XFizzle


In 60 years from now when most of us are old, wrinkly, and sleeping every time we stop moving, will we be listening to the music we grew up with?


What I'm saying is, imagine right now you're at your grandparents' house and your grandma or grandpa walks over to turn the stereo on for some music and this is what booms from the speakers:


That will be us. Old and in our 70's head bopping to Em, Dre, Flo Rida, T-Pain, Nelly or headbanging to Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down or dancing to LMFAO, PSY, deadmau5, etc and so on.


Hard to imagine right? Well it will most likely be the case. Who knows how the music industry will look 50-60 years from now, but one thing's for sure, we will be getting crunk to the songs we've grew up with.


We're going to be awesome old people.

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well the music i listen to is mostly way ahead of it's time. so maybe that music will be popular when i get old. i can party with my grandchildren!

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