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Trilby Hatter

Everfree Roleplay

About Trilby Hatter

  • Haberdasher (Hat Maker)
  • Species

    Unicorn Pony
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

    Anywhere that needs a good hat store
  • Hometown

  • Occupation

    Hat Maker
  • Character Images

  • Cutie Mark Image

  • Physical Description

    Just on off-white pony with an orange and white mane and tail, and red eyes.
    He likes to dress fancy and wear hats of all types.

  • Backstory

    As a creative pony, he once made a hat for a friend who was down on his luck.
    This friend was able to find new direction in his life thanks to the hat, and the gift of happiness awakened a passion inside Trilby. It unlocked his hat-making cutie mark.

  • Key Moments

    Undefined, but he's always looking for the next big adventure in his life.

  • Personality

    He's a humble unicorn that is happy just making hats for others, but he dreams of bigger things and grander adventures.
    Things that he might not be completely ready for, but he still aspires to greatness none the less.

  • Likes

    Working with new fabrics and making new things.
  • Dislikes

  • Magic Spells

    Telekinesis and a limited amount of Teleportation
  • Abilities

    Hat making, and clothing making to an extent
  • Friends

    Yes, please!
  • Rivals

    Rarity, sometimes. She's amazing at fashion!

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