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About Addie

  • The Multi-Gifted High-Functioning Autistic Earth Pony
  • Species

    Earth Pony
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

  • Hometown

  • Occupation

    Still Searching
  • Character Images

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  • Physical Description

    Adabelle is a chubby mare, especially around her belly, rear and sides. She is a shade of brownish red and has a dual-shade green mane and tail. She wears a pink bow and glasses.

    Addie's cutie mark is a music note, a beaker and a ball, all surrounded by a heart and 6 stars. It represents her four major talents: music, science, sports and magic. Although she is an earth pony, she learned how to do forms of telepathy and telekinesis. She can also teleport and give herself wings for some odd reason. She taught herself this by observing unicorns.

  • Backstory

    Born into the average family, Addie was a late bloomer, meaning she didn't get her cutie mark until around her 5th year of life. During development, Addie sustained a nerve damage that impaired her vision and her ability to think critically. When born, she was closely monitored, for the brain disorder she sustained was "harmful" according to her parents. At age three, she started her search for her talent. At age 5 when she attended school, she had a brief time with the Cutie Mark Crusaders...but that did not end well, no cutie mark for Addie. Down and discouraged, Addie gave up for a while, despite her bubbly and cheerful personality.

    Addie continued to search for her cutie mark. She soon found herself sitting by the piano at school. She started hitting notes and soon played a scale. To others surprise, she took that scale and played around with it, randomizing the notes and making a song out of it. She continued to play and soon...to everypony's shock, a music note appeared on her flank. She discovered her talent in music. But it wasn't over yet.

    Around her 7th year, she was enrolled in science class, for science had deeply interested her since she was a little foal. For the end of the year assignment, she had to make a science fair project; but there was only one problem, she didn't know what to do, or how to make one, for her only talent was music. But then...it came to her, she could make one that had to do with music. So that's what she did, and lo and behold, a beaker appeared on her flank, representing her love for science. She was able to use her creative thinking and musical talent to create a new instrument that operated by utilizing certain chemicals she learned about in science. Little did Addie know, that she possessed two more hidden skills, which then would modify her cutie mark.

    During recess, she spotted some ponies who were playing soccer and really wanted to join them. There was only one problem, she didn't know how to play. They teased and picked on her for being chubby AND not knowing how to play. She was down and discouraged yet again...but then...it came her. If she was good at music and science...then she could be good at sports as well.

    At first, she was thinking too hard, letting her science side get the best of her. And then she shifted to her creative side and that didn't work. She then thought about it for a while at she watched other ponies play, including ones who had sports signs as their cutie marks. It then came to her. She could use both her critical thinking and creative side of her, and that's exactly what she did. She ended up earning a 3rd cutie mark. It may seem like she had the cutie pox, but that wasn't the case at all.

    While on a family trip in Canterlot, Addie found herself at the school for gifted unicorns. She watched from the window as little unicorns performed their basic magic. Some made it and sadly, others didn't. Since she was an earth pony, she couldn't enroll. But that didn't stop her...

    She tried to move a little flower petal with her mind, but couldn't do it. Ponies teased her as they walked by. She was determined to move the petal with her mind. After two hours of trying, she achieved moving the petal. Her parents happened to be watching and they were amazed. Could it just be that Addie was a multi-gifted pony? Or could a unicorn cast a spell on her that made her good at anything? It was the latter. Soon, Addie taught herself basic unicorn magic, including giving herself wings, which she rarely ever uses.

    Then...that moment came, when all of Addie's cutie marks fused together and became one. A note, a beaker, and ball; all surrounded by six stars and a heart.

    She had no idea what this meant. She was good at music, science, sports and even magic, which earth ponies do not possess. Up to this day, she is still searching for where she belongs

  • Key Moments

    The moment that Addie's 4 cutie marks melded into one started Addie's journey to finding her place. 

  • Personality

    She is very kind and bubbly. She loves to laugh and can act very cute at times. She is bright. She can be a bit quirky at times due to having ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), which can sometimes make her act younger than her age and exhibit certain behaviors, which she may not be aware that she's doing them at times. Because of this, she is very sensitive to what ponies say about her. One wrong move can send her into a crying fit away from ponies and sometimes she could have really bad angry outbursts. Although she loves science, she struggles somewhat with critical thinking (though she has a beaker as one of her cutie marks), but is very creative. This is due to the fact that during development, she sustained nerve damage. You could say she's somewhat of a savant. 

  • Likes

    Music, Sports, Science, Magic, Videogames, Roller Coasters, Movies, Friends, Cuddles, Food
  • Dislikes

    Bullying, snobs, brussels sprout, punks
  • Magic Spells

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