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About Chelsea

  • The Water-Wielding Griffon Pony
  • Species

  • Species (Other)

    Griffon-Pony (Pure Hybrid)
  • Age

  • Gender

  • Residence

    Outer Flanks/Ponyville
  • Hometown

    Griffon Kingdom
  • Occupation

    Marine Biologist, Water Wielder
  • Character Images

  • Cutie Mark Image

  • Physical Description

    Chelsea is no ordinary Griffon. In fact, she's part pony as well. This is due to her father being that of a normal pegasus pony. Chelsea is a pure hybrid. This means that because she's 50% griffon and 50% pony, she is able to get a cutie mark. Chelsea is somewhat chubby especially around her midsection. She has a somewhat round belly as well. But it doesn't get in the way of any of her activities. She also has pony ears with white tips on the top of them. Her mane is a shade of brown with some streaks of crystal sky blue going through it from the power that she wields. Her wings are brown and white. Chelsea's fur is a light brown

  • Backstory

    Born in the Griffon Kingdom when a pegasus pony who wandered inside and befriended some of the griffons, Chelsea was the only Griffon of her kind.

    Her father, the pegasus who wandered inside the Griffon Kingdom was actually an explorer and researcher, who sought to know the way and life of griffons. He knew that griffons lived by a completely different lifestyle, living off of what is known as "Griffon Pride". He took the risk of going, being told by his fellow researchers that if he came back, he'd come back wounded. Nonetheless, all of the bad tales and stories he had heard about the Griffons wanting to invade was over. Since the old Griffon King was ousted from the throne, none of that was relevant anymore.

    After spending months in the kingdom, observing and blending in with the griffons, Chelsea's father soon fell in love with a female Griffon and to every griffons' surprise, got married and bore Chelsea.

    She was sort of shunned by her fellow griffons in her early days, but as time passed, they slowly started to like her for who she was. Little did she know...that because she had a pony's genes in her...she would be able to get a cutie mark...

    Years passed and Chelsea grew up. However, life wasn't so good for the Griffons, as Celestia's most trusted general, Iron Hide, had a hate towards them. After the first attempted griffon invasion by the king, who had been overthrown just a year before Chelsea was born, the griffons decided it would be fair to make a peace treaty with Celestia. Because the new government upheld a small group of griffons, that would make decisions based on what the whole group wanted. There was much concern that Iron Hide would interfere, deny the treaty, and may do worse...but it was worth a try.

    Together, Chelsea, her family, the pegasus, and some other delegates boarded an unarmed ship bound for Equestria. However, Iron Hide could sense that trouble was coming, but it was no trouble. He sent his patrol team out to search, even in the ports to the Griffon Kingdom. Sadly, the ship was caught and Iron Hide ordered it to be sunk. Since the ship was unarmed...all the Griffons had was their own bare strength, which they refused to use. Sadly, the ship was hit hard. Before Chelsea could react to the hit, she found herself in the water, struggling to try to swim. She couldn't swim...and drowned......but alas...there was still hope...Shooby-doo, shoo-shooby doo...

    On that day, Celestia stripped Iron Hide of his general rank, since he had violated the rule of killing ships that were meant to make peace with Equestria. Celestia decided then to send a formal letter of apology to the Griffons. Meanwhile back at the Griffon Kingdom, the Griffons were mourning the death of their lost ones. They refused to declare war on Equestria. Nonetheless, once they received Celestia's letter of apology, they wrote back, agreeing to make everlasting peace.

    Meanwhile...in the depths of the Equuis Ocean...

    Seaponies had found the drowned Chelsea, and sensed something in her heart. They brought her to the queen of the sea, deep in the Equestrian Ocean. The queen told her about despite griffon's savage nature, she was pure in a way that she could not describe. Though she did get angry and act aggressively, she did not do it on a normal basis, just to act tough and show her griffon pride. The queen told her to guard her heart against tempation and swaying from other ponies and creatures and sent her on her way.

    As she swam back up to shore, she noticed something. A lock of hair in her mane was shining a crystal sky blue, which it had never been like that. She wondered if the queen of the Seaponies had done this. She did not want to go back, for it may appear that she appeared angry.

    Days passed. As Chelsea was chilling by the beach one day, she decided to go relax in the water. As she entered the water, she felt as if...the water was...crawling up her legs and...energizing her. She felt more rejuvenated. This was the first episode of her newfound ability.

    Back in the griffon kingdom, mourning was still occurring. It had been going on since the ship had sunk. Both Chelsea's parents had died. A couple of search griffons were still looking for Chelsea, when they found her by the beach. Chelsea was devastated both her parents died...all because of Iron Hide. It was hard for her to hold in her anger.

    Two years had passed. By now, Chelsea was 17 years old. Word had been going around that Iron Hide would seek out the strongest of rebels to conquer the Griffon Kingdom for his own. Chelsea would not let her beloved home be ruined by one General. Even though she was half pony, she was a griffon at heart.

    Finally, the day came when Iron Hide came to invade. The griffons had prepared their army at the very last minute, but Chelsea stood up and told them not to attack. She stood upon the small lookout area, and saw all of the army coming forth. She took a deep breath and gathered up her energy. Water started to rise up forming a water-shield. But...amongst that water-shield...was a sign...a peace sign, signifying that the griffons will not attack nor surrender. All they wanted...was peace...which is what Chelsea conveyed. On that very day...she earned her cutie mark...a blue ying and yang sign in between two tidal waves. It signified her ability to wield water and use magic though it.

    Once Iron Hide's army saw this, their eyes were immediately opened. Iron Hide had brainwashed them to think that Griffons were nasty and foul creatures. They had Iron Hide arrested and banished from Equestria...for good. The army apologized to the griffons, and swore to never harm them. Chelsea's dream had finally come true. There was peace and harmony between griffons and ponies.

    To this day, Chelsea resides in Ponyville awaiting a new adventure as she continues to seek her true destiny.

  • Key Moments

    Chelsea made the peace sign that opened the eyes of the brainwashed soldiers led by Iron Hide, leading to his swift banishment from Equestria. 

    Chelsea met her good friend Thundy while out on the beach remembering her parents. The two got along fairly quickly because they both had hard pasts.

  • Personality

    Chelsea is a very outgoing Griffon and loves to hang around boys. She does hang around the girls, but most of the time it's boys. She is somewhat flirtatious and can come off as seductive. She's still trying to break this habit. She's generally kind and bubbly. However, when angered, she becomes somewhat aggressive, but does her best to control it. Chelsea has a pure heart, so she is able to control her anger. When upset, she retorts to withdrawal and much crying, especially at the mention or the thought of her parents, whom she lost in a shipwreck. She doesn't like to talk about her past, as her parents meant a lot to her. 

  • Likes

    Water, swimming, music, marine life, studying biology, genetics
  • Dislikes

    Talking about her past, war
  • Magic Spells

    Various water-based magic
  • Abilities

    Can weild water and form it into anything she wants/needs, morph into water forms, create water duplicates
  • Friends

    Thundy, Pencil Pouch, Dynamo Pad, Samurai Equine, Bluebell
  • Rivals

    Iron Hide

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