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  1. Yes! Hip Hop mixed with a relaxed but straight style Like this:
  2. All these girls approves My Little Pony FiM, and thinks it's awesome that I am a brony myself! This video has taken around 3 months+ from idea to final product A like on the video's youtube page would be highly appreciated (Sorry for the self advertising )
  3. Breakups Family fights School changes Sickness Moving Mental breakdowns Big, and by big I mean really big, letdowns Short said, I have been trough alot, but I'm up again and ready to fight! Expect alot of activity on the forums
  4. How's it going ?

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    2. Arcium_Fox


      Kyoshi, and the first price for most fancy word in a comment goes to... **Cue drumroll.. YOU! xD

    3. Arcium_Fox


      Well, a bit delayed... I have been trough alot during the last months..

    4. Kyoshi


      indubitably. My mind has mainly just been every which way. Chaos in a can essentially.

  5. uhg... I need to get back to my teacup.. (6:00'o clock here!)
  6. Well, if you have a free day... Try it ;D (It's freeeeeeeeee)
  7. Gaming

    You gotta grind up for the jets! You seem like a bomber guy.... Working your way to the B17 ?
  8. Hello, fellow ponies! Do you want to fly? But can't in real life ? Well, here is the answer to your problems! War Thunder! A next generation MMO combat game dedicated to World War II military aviation... which means you get to fly planes! Here is some footage of me (a pony) flying the F9F-2 Panther Jet Fighter: Oh... and if you already are playing the game add me: Arcium_Superior Or @@Sky Cutter, 's account: SkyCutterB17 (Ask him before adding ) Rainbow Dash is best pilot!
  9. Gaming

    Well.. I am a War Thunder pilot! But right now I'm in a Norwegian squadron... ( -Norge- ) And I'm not planning on leaving ! But I'm adding you! SkyCutterB17 ! My username is Arcium_Superior @@Sky Cutter, I made a comparison-chart-thingy between me and you! I'm always up for some flying! Just ask me when you want to
  10. She was just tired from the long trip
  11. Jep.. that's my girlfriend lying in the background!
  12. Im back!

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    2. Cloudie


      I dunno :V

      I'm just doing some signs here

    3. ProjectRKA


      @Arcium: Same as usual, I guess. xD

    4. Arcium_Fox
  13. Technical Issues

    It seems that the view(s) counter has stopped working And then goes the questions: Why? Could it be fixed? Other stuff: Link to blog: When was this found? - 2nd of december 2013 Thanks ^^