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  1. I saw the new Gillette Venus: #UseYourAnd So i made the MLP edition What you think
  2. Luna remindme of Sandman Comic, If you like luna you must read that
  3. I love anime, and there are a trope in anime that happen in good number of big anime titles like (DragonBall, naruto and one piece) which is time jump. So a something happen and the story jump few years in the future. What will you think if that happen in MLP:FIM, where all the main 6 go in deferent way and back together after two years.
  4. I think These Events (The Return of Nightmare moon, Discord and Trick, Transforming Twillight to Alicorn and more) all part of big plan by Princess Celestia. You see Princess Luna and Princess Celestia born in age of Alicorns was the normal kind of ponies, alicorns is a state where a pony understand the ultimate harmony AKA Friendship. You See ponies back then turn into alicorns when the understand the magic of friendship, like now days ponies get they cutie mark. But with time go by less and less ponies turn into alicorns tell not that so many lift. The last two alicorns treated as royalty (Princess Celestia mother and father), they had two daughters Luna and Celestia, and one day they die and let the two filly alone. and a lot of things happened (Discord, sambura and nightmare moon ..... ) But Princess Celestia still remembers the tales her mom tell her about the Alicorns and want to return these days. If she can turn a pony into alicorn, just one she maybe can make the ponies believe that they can do it to.
  5. I have a thory about season 5, Starlight Glimmer just ran away in the end, so what if there was anothr 5 characters these season do the same thing, and in the season finally the make "The Elements of DisHarmony"
  6. Season 5 start great

  7. i think i have more, but all in arabic
  8. This Day is going to be Perfect. The kind of day of which I've dreamed since I was small. Everypony will gather 'round Say I look lovely in my gown What they don't know is that I have fooled them all...
  9. This day is going to be perfect The kind of day of which I've dreamed since last season end Everypony will gather 'round To watch the new episode when it air
  10. You mean like almost a crime In my country we don't have that, i make few prank posts in the past but now i think that stupid and west of time lying not a good thing, EVER
  11. Re thinking of that moment from episode 2, when Twilight was sad for leave her friends and Princess Celestia let her stay at Ponyville, i feel sad for Celestia, That mean she will be alone now.
  12. I know cats,pig and turtuls are not (Pets) but Dragon and caws are .. Did any one make a list of that ?
  13. twilight not the smartest, Pinkie Pie is, You don't believe me right :okiedokielokie: so watch Swarm of the Century Feeling Pinkie Keen It's About Time By the way Celestia is the dumpest pony ...
  14. I don't use facebook. will only to login to same websites and game on my phone, but i can't remember i use it for real, my states still the same as i made it. Beside Login to other sites and game, do you use facebook ?
  15. I never go to church. because i'm not a Christian ...