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  4. I've been off the ride since 2014 but I just logged back in to say I hope everyone enjoys this finale. Though the "ride" ends here, you can propel your own ride forward for many years after tonight. Take a bit of time to reminisce on the amazing times this fandom has brought you and then carry it with you. That is, of course, assuming that the ride is not infinite.
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  6. Leaves forum, changes name twice since.

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      He told me why, it was to keep his girlfriend from finding him here since he goes by Flipturn on Skype too.

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  7. Rin is best girl. This was my intro to VNs (as it probably was for others) and I'm glad it was. A set up for the larger titles like Fate, which I still need to start...! I liked KS's really cosy atmosphere though, complemented by the music which is really quite amazing for the indie effort.
  8. I miss you, dude D:

  9. Bon Voyage, you always were a member that really stood out to me. You were a great member of MLPForums.~

  10. Hi, fan club - it's only right that I come to you guys for my one of my final posts on the forums. Yeah, that's right! I'm leaving the forums today. Thanks for being supporters of the Pinkie Pie cause, everyone! A huge constituent of my time here has been in endless support of Best Pony, and to know that people are following the same cause as me makes you all my friends. Best of luck in the MLPF World Cup, and your spirit will resonate with me as I set sail for other lands! It's been fun
  11. Flipturn

    Rarity Fan Club

    Hey everyone, this will be my penultimate post on the forums, because I'm leaving today! I just wanted to wish you guys the best of luck in your endeavours. The MLPF World Cup is upcoming, and given the way you guys have been holding your own in the face of ceaseless hatred, I would want more than anything you guys to take the trophy if the Pinkie Pie fans don't do so. I've shared a handy hint with your Commanding Officer (or whichever title) Ghosty, that might give you a leg up along the way. Go get 'em!
  12. Y'know, there are three things that I've loved about this forum. I owe it a debt of gratitude for being there in a certain period of my life, along with a community that has helped me realise the true virtue of the Brony fandom. The third thing I've loved about this forum is how much of an impression it's left on me which, in turn, makes writing this farewell blog post all the more emotional. But if you know me, I try to be optimistic! So, everypony, this is my farewell blog post. It's been a fantastic run, and I'm endlessly happy that I've had the opportunity to be a part of this glimmering gold nugget in the crystal cliff face of the fandom's ever-diverse expanse. But a time in my life calls where staying with the forum is simply no longer feasible, so now, with a peaceful heart, I take my leave. So, why am I leaving? Well, like every community that one joins, I came to this forum full of vigour and fresh interest, but seventeen months on I feel that I've used all my time here and that the rest of the world calls. Big changes to my life are coming in, including a large amount of exams and the need to take on a large amount of responsibilities to satiate my university dreams and desires, to the point where trying to maintain interest in MLP Forums is simply no longer feasible. That is not to say, of course, that I've not thoroughly enjoyed my time here - I most definitely have n.n I'm not one for long posts (unless they're about Pinkie Pie) so I'll use this blog post as a big thank you to everyone who's encompassed the fruits of my enjoyment here. Whether you've simply commented on one of my statuses, engaged in an earnest debate about ponies - most likely about Pinkie's awesomeness - or been a true, long-standing friend and companion, I have nothing but gratitude that you've been there. In more ways than one, you've shaped me up into a much better person, and the Flipturn that arrived at this forum on December 29th, 2012 was a much less rounded Flipturn than the one bidding you goodbye on May 29th, 2014 - an enormous 17 months of fun, craziness and my own self-development. For me, this forum represents the best portion of the best fandom. Back in 2012, before I'd discovered the fandom, I was in deep with my own problems. I could describe them in detail, but everyone has problems, so just know that I was struggling to carry on and ye olde typical psychological issues. When the Brony fandom came along on January 28th, it helped me restore a sense of faith in myself, and that the simplest ideals in life could be derived from the most unexpected of places. I remember watching Party Of One and my world view reformulating itself right then and there, in the optimism of Pinkie Pie surging through even when she, just like me, felt like the world was conspiring against her. That year was the repairing phase. 2013, where this forum was my life blood, was my total restoration phase. Without this forum being there, I'd never have given the widespread nature of this fandom much notice outside of the fact that it eased my own demons - without this forum, I'd never have met Brook, who convinced me to go to BUCK 2013, a Brony convention that brought out so much confidence in myself. Without this forum, I'd never have taken so much away from the role of the purple Moderator name, and how making decisions is a huge virtue in itself. I'd never have had a haven to have hearty chuckles where exam stress would otherwise unravel me, or the spontaneity of totally pointless yet extremely fun Brony forum trends. I'd never have found a reason to stay with the fandom throughout that Alicorn Twilight nonsense and everything else... and I'd never have become the much more complete and satisfied person I am now. You guys have truly been a bridge. n.n My goodness, I'm getting a little choked up now! My friends will all have me added already on Skype, Steam and whichever other mediums, but if you'd like to send me your own goodbyes, please check out my profile! There are a number of contact details at the bottom for if you want to send me a message while I'm out on voyages. And even if I get nothing, I will look back with infinite fondness on the times I've spent here. I simply can't call it anything less than the truest, purest pleasure to have rode with you guys throughout the past year and a half. But seriously, guys, thank you all for being you. Sailing off into the sunset, this is your resident Pinkie nut Flipturn signing out.
  13. Ah, but 'tis an illusion, Ghosty! That fan club is merely back-and-forth, to create the appearance that she may triumph. Have your sword in hand, you purple and white jester! See, the Pinkie Pie fans don't need a big fan club, as there is no lack of pure awesomeness to compensate for; we've won all three Summer Ponyshows, made all the finals of March Madness (and won two of them!) and have won the Mane 6 Elimination more than any other pony. This shall be no different! Stride forth! And if you do win, just remember it's thanks to me and that handy hint I gave you I'd still actually be cool with that because she never really catches a break, would be funny seeing how the forum reacts And yeah, like you, all an act.
  14. Is my new avatar alright to use? That stuff she is in is maple syrup.