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  1. Although it does seem irresponsible in a sense to willingly release someone like Discord, I honestly do think Celestia believed this was the right choice in the end. She truly believed the Mane 6 could do it, and I doubt she would have considered it in any other situation. The alternative would have been to keep Discord locked up but then he would have inevitably escaped one day.
  2. I think it was worth the trouble. Yes, there were lot of problems along the way (Despite his knowledge and powers Discord was mentally still a kid who had a lot to learn about social interactions) but I feel befriending Discord was also a way to keep future generations safe. Fluttershy will be gone one day but she will leave behind a more mature Discord. A Discord who can make new friends on his own and can be an ally to Twilight/Spike and future rulers. Princess Celestia knew that Discord would escape his prison again one day. I think this was something she did not want to burden future generations with.
  3. You're right, but there seem to be few limits to Discord's chaos magic outside of magical artifacts or specialized spells. (Discord "eating" the pages with a reform spell) How do you counter someone who can remove your magic if he wants to? (Like removing Twilight's horn in Return of Harmony)
  4. True, now that you mention it, I can't really remember him ever using combat magic against someone; he usually only seems to manipulate/transform everything around him.
  5. Season 1: Green isn't your Color Season 2: The Last Roundup Season 3: Sleepless in Ponyville Season 4: Twilight's Kingdom Part 2 Season 5: Lost Treasure of Griffinstone Season 6: Newbie Dash Season 7: Fame and Misfortune Season 8: The Break Up Break Down Season 9: The Last Problem
  6. That is what frustrates me the most. A friend doesn't manipulate another friend like that. If Twilight believed RD leading the cheer squad would be a good thing for her and because her enthusiasm would be exactly what the cheer squad needed she should have been honest about that. Issues with Rainbow's character portrayal aside (I've said enough about that in the past), Twilight put RD and the students through an unnecessary situation that could have ended with the cheer squad breaking up.
  7. It could have been more acceptable if Twilight wasn't so smug about it in the end. It really felt she had manipulated Rainbow Dash.
  8. Same for me, one of my favorite seasons as well. It was not perfect (no season is) but personally I really liked how they made an effort to give a sense of closure to many characters. === === === On a side-note, personally I do feel the school of friendship was one of the better ideas in this series. It really nailed that friendship is for everyone, not just for ponies, and that everyone can make friends and show kindness. It enriched the MLP experience for me by including other characters and cultures with the Student 6, and showing that no one is better or above the other. This is why I liked "She's all Yak" so much, because it made Twilight and her friends realize how others could feel uncomfortable by pony-only concepts, and made a sincere effort to adapt their traditions and include the Student 6 and their cultures in them. I thought it was a wholesome message about how understanding goes both ways.
  9. 28 Pranks later. Mean-spirited and a regression of Rainbow's character. Mysterious Mare Do Well comes close behind. I have a bit of a soft spot for Newbie Dash. There are issues with this episode but it addresses a character flaw of Rainbow Dash and nails how it's a problem.
  10. Season 1: Sonic Rainboom Season 2: Return of Harmony / Last Roundup Season 3: Sleepless in ponyville Season 4: Twilight's Kingdom Season 5: Lost Treasures of Griffinstone Season 6: Top Bolt Season 7: The Perfect Pear / Fame and Misfortune Season 8: The Break Up Break Down The final season was the most difficult for me with several episodes I liked a lot. Season 9: She's all Yak / Summer Sun Setback / Dragon Dropped / The Last Problem
  11. I agree with Cash In, the fandom will never fade away. it might go through some ups and downs but it will definitely remain alive. There are plenty of fandoms which had series ending years ago and still are going strong.
  12. It's possible that Discord's time with Fluttershy dulled his instincts and made him more naive. He probably assumed that he was the only one who could activate the bell and when they failed to retrieve it probably believed they would be harmless until Twilight was ready, and that his reputation as Grogar would be enough to keep them in line. The season 2 Discord was overconfident, but he would have been able to smell a betrayal from miles away. I feel the same way, although in my personal headcanon I added that Discord was always close watching Sombra and the Mane 6 throughout the premiere, and only revealed himself in the end when they were about to confront Sombra in Canterlot. Except for the Tree of harmony, I believe he would have intervened if either Sombra intended to kill Crystal Ponies or if the Mane 6 would have lost before they reached Canterlot. It would explain in my mind why Grogar left after sending Sombra away in the first half of the premiere.
  13. I'm sorry, I don't exactly understand what you mean with the first sentence. Or they're hiding it because there are potentially serious drawbacks to this kind of powerful magic. In season 3 Trixie for example had the Alicorn amulet but it was corrupting her. I just re-watched the duel between Trixie and Twilight. Trixie turned Snips and Snails into a foal and an old pony. Twilight stated that only the highest level unicorns can use age-related spells. Maybe you do have a point, maybe some kind of immortality isn't that far away.