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  1. Great episode. Really enjoyed this one. Felt very relatable too.
  2. Some specs like Windows version (XP, 7, 8 or 10), processor, RAM and graphics card would be informative. But I have to agree with Taze, it sounds a bit like it has to do with the graphics card. About 10 years ago I had similar issues with my old computer. Games would crash within 20 minutes and then the desktop screen started to show glitches.
  3. So if I understand correctly you have a laptop? (You mentioned a charger) You have Windows as your operating system? We're going to need a few system specs before we can give more specific advice. Just in case: Have you run a full anti-virus and malware scan on your computer?
  4. Dragon Dropped hit me pretty hard, because although I enjoyed it, it painfully reminded me of some things from my school years. That unwanted but growing feeling of jealousy when you see your friend making a new friend and hanging out with him. That sinking feeling when you realize his new friend has so many cool stuff and keeps inviting him over to play. Looking back it's terrifying how much my emotions impacted me. In my case we drifted apart because it turned out he was lying about being busy and instead he was with his new friend. It hurt, but later made me realize we were never as close as I thought we were, so maybe this was for the best. That's why I was happy this episode had a wholesome ending. This episode both hurt and cheered me up. (If that makes sense)
  5. One of my favorite episodes of the second half of this season, but maybe that's because this one felt relatable for me.
  6. Not directly related to the English version, but I had a chance to watch the Dutch dub of "The Last Laugh" when a Dutch streamingsite accidentally put it online. I don't know who the Dutch voice actor for Cheese Sandwich was but he was able to emulate "Weird Al" surprisingly well, capturing his mannerisms almost perfectly. The final song had different lyrics in places (which is probably a localization issue) but did have the same message. In the English version for example it was this: "I thought I needed laughter but it had to come from me." In Dutch it was worded differently: "I have to make others laugh because that's what makes me happy."
  7. That's something I'm wondering too. Would no one have to bring food or water? Or are those things already present inside Tartarus?
  8. I got the same feeling. In his own way, Discord has been coaching Twilight since the start of season 4. I found it funny how he played along with the Mane 6 in trying to hide the chaos outside. One part of him enjoys seeing Twilight stressing out, but the other half seems to be sincerely proud when she succeeds in overcoming her flaws.
  9. I really like the dynamic between Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, Tirek and Grogar. The writers could have gone for an easy way out and made them slaves to Grogar. Instead we're seeing character development from this trio as they learn to work together. They may not be on the side of Mane 6, but even they realize that Grogar is too big of a threat and needs to be stopped. Their story line is interesting and I can't wait to see which direction their characters are going to take.
  10. That was a great episode. Not only was it very enjoyable to watch, but it also carried a kind of "sadness" with it; sadness in the sense that this episode felt that we're getting closer to the end, that things are being set in place for the finale. Twilight getting ready for her role as ruler of Equestria; Chrysalis, Cozy Glow and Tirek in a race against the clock to execute their own plans and master Grogar's bell, and then there's Grogar's presence hanging menacingly above Equestria; readying himself to finally step out of the shadows. There really is a strong tension here with everyone involved. We have three different sides here and their paths are about to cross. I enjoyed it a lot. The only thing that irked me somewhat about this episode was that it still felt Discord is kind of an outsider of the group. He's still suspected when something goes wrong, and when trying to help his only task is not to create trouble. I do like how he plays the role as a mentor figure though.
  11. The first time I watched this episode a few weeks ago I didn't get it. Looking back I realized I was close to being depressed back then. I've watched it again and this time it gave me a big smile in the end. "Weird Al" did such an amazing job with the voice-acting. My heart broke at times when I saw Cheese Sandwich being depressed and hearing his voice. The song at the end was great, especially the part underneath the spotlight. A wholesome episode which cheered me up. Also compliments to the animation team. They did an amazing job with this episode and I especially liked the way they've animated Sandwich; he looked even more adorable than before, especailly his facial expressions (combined with Weird Al's voice acting) totally sold it for me.
  12. I'm nearsighted. It started when I was around 8-9 years old, and stabilized around 18-19 years. Left: -7.50 Right: -3.00. Last year I got diagnosed with cataract in my right eye. Operation had complications and a few days later my retina detached. One of the scariest things in my life. My right eye is still recovering with a new implanted lens. It still has -3:00 but that was as far as they could correct.
  13. That was a nice episode. Lots of fun moments and a very relatable story about losing sight of other things when you're focused on something. They really went all out with the animation. It's like the animators said to each other "Alright, the series is almost over. How about a challenge who can animate the craziest faces?" I can understand Twilight's worries about Pinkie Pie, but it was exactly because she was so focused on Pinkie that things went wrong. Pinkie was a bit over the top at times but I still found her very likeable. She had that kind of innocence here that made it impossible for me to get frustrated with her when she gave the wrong answers. Also that "Zap apple" bit with Applejack was gold. 8.5/10
  14. I agree that in some cases the change of a character could have used more work and build-up. (Like Garble, which although I wouldn't have mind if done well, just felt awkward the way they handled it) What frustrates me is that some characters we don't particularly care about get reformed, but a character like Lightning Dust isn't. If anything she does have the personality and development as a character that would fit for a reformation.
  15. The same feeling bothered me as well. It was sudden and a 180 degrees turn. It just felt weird. I really feel the episode would have worked better if Rainbow had started to question herself or felt guilt after seeing Yona and Ocellus cry. It doesn't need be her fully realizing she was wrong, but a feeling of guilt and doubt would have gone a long way in making her character more likeable. Smolder then could still have played the role of nudging her in the right direction but at least she would have come across as more sympathetic. And yeah, Smolder's speech was touching and well-written. Like you said, a shame her great speech had to be in an episode like this. Snip and Snails were a nice addition to the episode. I like their characters.