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  1. Autumn Dream lifts her head and turns to the other pony. "I'm... I'm fine, its really no big deal." Autumn said qietly and attempted to smile, which ended up with an odd looking smirk on her face scary enouh to frighten a grown manticore. Autumn qickly moved her tail to cover her blank flank then frowned again. "Uh... that cider looks rather good..." Autumn whispered, staring at the mug of cider in Lucky Guess's hoove.
  2. Well, adding more to my previous blog, and i need to finish adding photos from my steampunk costume, so here it is, the second enstallment of my steampunk costume. Honestly, I dont know what I'm doing and I'm not really sure how to blog, so yeah.
  3. Well, today is the start of my blog, and im ready to show the pony world what I can do. I have been working on this costume for a while now, and just completed it. It has a sort of "steampunk" look to it though it is not strictly steampunk. I hope everypony enjoys the photos and y'all enjoy the costume as much as i do.
  4. A scrawny pegasus half stumbled half fluttered into the bar, a burst of what felt like Fall wind blew through the building as the pony took a seat at a bar stool. The pony slumped over and hit her face on the table infront of her. She tapped her hoove three times on the table and waited for the bar tender to pass her a drink.
  5. ooooo! this sounds fun! may i join this role play? (i noticed the name is the name of the inn from from the lord of the rings triliogy and totaly nerded out XD) im just gunna post this now and wait for a response: http://mlpforums.com/page/roleplay-characters/_/autumn-dream-r2267
  6. uh... those manes... if the manes looked like the actual character's manes i would consider getting one, but those manes are just awefull. i know we are supose to love and tolerate, but come on!
  7. In my personal opinion, "Brony" should be capitalized, in a way, yes, it is a proper noun, so it does indeed make sense to capitalize it.
  8. hmmmm... i think Big Mac is the most attractive pony, though Fluttershy might be a close second for me... gah! i can't choose! i guess im not good at picking the most attractive somepony.
  9. hi and welcome! im new here too, so i felt that i should welcome you to the herd anyways
  10. Thanks! it nice to meet you! and its good to know that everypony here is so welcoming and ready to meet new ponies with an outstreched hoove Thank you for the welcome, that picture totaly just made me laugh!
  11. oh! its nice too meet you too! i'm glad everyone i've met so far seem very nice, i hope i make lots of friends here
  12. Thanks for the welcome i have to say, that just made my day! want to be my friend?
  13. Fire Runner

    New here

    Hi, I'm new here too! my OC'S name is Autumn Dream, its nice to meet you!
  14. Hey, I'm new here... my names Autumn Dream... im not good at making friends, im a little shy... so, hello everypony, its nice to meet you? I'm a mare, for those people who are curious, and i haven't discovered my talent yet, but i know i will soon. I'm still getting a hang of this, but hopefully it wont take long for me to make friends with somepony... I've been a fan of the show for qite some time now, and i love the animation, it is beautiful!
  15. i have to say, Big Mac... but Fluttershy is a close second for me... i mean, just look at Big Mac! so strong and manly, what is there not to like about him?
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