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  1. 8/10, Yes I did draw it myself, it was a first attempt really.
  2. A bit puzzled today, still though it was and interesting day.

  3. This one is pretty easy I'd bring a hatchet, for the simple fact it has multiple uses. It can be used as a means of defense, cut wood cut fish hunt for food smash etc, a bundle of uses. Then I would also bring a metal canteen for water, that also includes boiling it to make it drinkable. A lighter, just in case i can't find wood or stones. But in all honesty all I would need is a hatchet, most of the stuff i could find on the island unless it was barren. The other two are more of a backup plan, to fall back on.
  4. I am off to bed, good night everyone.

  5. Oh I just got the booster packs, I never got a full box, see my friend got me booster packs for Christmas. I did not get lucky or get any gold foils.
  6. It's luck of the draw, a game of chance. However you have a very high of a chance to get, cards you already own, so it's a bit annoying sadly.
  7. Just about anything when I'm hungry, it varies day by day. It also depends what I feel like having that day, if possible I do try to fit in your regular basic food groups. A big thing is water for a drink anyway, and coffee in the morning.
  8. It's reddit, I'd take it with a grain of salt it's possible and if its to be so it is. See reddit is like a fly by night credit card , filled with misinformed people imo. I'll believe it if Hasbro, states it themselves until then no way..
  9. Hello Sonata18! Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you will feel at home. Everyone here is really nice, and it won't be very hard to make friends.
  10. The problem is a lot of bronies, don't even follow the love and tolerate rule. Which makes the whole phrase pointless, they feed the trolls. Pretty much by trolling back, which causes more hostility. Though if they would follow it the community, would be better as a whole. The trolls, would eventually go away perhaps. But it's not good to hide behind the phrase either, because it's not really being used in the right context. feel free to add guys, or correct me if I'm wrong other wise.
  11. I chose this username because I considered it creative, and it just came to me. Though I'm sure i could have made better but, I didn't really focus to much on it.
  12. I got a decent amount of cards, I mean it's nothing huge but, I still don't have any gold foils sadly. They are kinda hard to come by, feels bad man.
  13. I was afraid of clowns, it was do to the movie Killer Clowns from Outer space. I'm not to proud of it but, I was afraid of Ronald Mcdonald. To this day though I still don't trust clowns, cause i have no idea what is behind that face. The fear was a silly one at that thinking back about it.