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  1. My top five and bottom five episodes of Season 8.


    Top 5

    1. Sounds of Silence
    2. What Lies Beneath
    3. A Rockhoof and a Hard Place
    4. Molt Down
    5. The Breakup Breakdown

    Bottom 5

    1. Fake It 'Till You Make It
    2. The Mean Six
    3. A Matter of Principals
    4. Yakity-Sax
    5. Non-Compete Cause


    1. Tacodidra



      The top five are all great episodes, especially the late season run including your top three was amazing! :rarity: Those are among my favorites too, along with "School Raze" (my favorite episode in season 8) and "Horse Play".

      I agree on most of the bottom five too, especially number one, which I also found the weakest of the season. I like "The Mean 6", though. :)


    2. Woohoo



      "The Mean Six" was painful to watch for me. It felt like a dumbed-down version of "The Return of Harmony." :bea:

      Same with "Non-Compete Cause." A worse version of "Fall Weather Friends." :dry:


    3. Tacodidra



      "The Mean 6" wasn't one of my favorites on first watch (I was a bit disappointed in some ways), but I ended up rewatching it a while later (not something I do often)... The second time watching it made me appreciate it a lot more, as I could judge it more based on what it was than what it wasn't (I expected the Mane 6 finding out about their mean versions, meeting Chrysalis, things like that).

      "Non-Compete Clause" was quite an unremarkable episode, I agree on that. "Yakity-Sax" more so, to the extent I was surprised how unenthusiastic I was about MLP returning from its mid-season hiatus. Thankfully it was just because of the episode it came back with!


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