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  1. *Grenades @Sun Ray back* Revenge you awesome pony *force hugs back*
  2. What happened to you? You were everywhere when you first joined! :huh:

    1. TwiTracker


      Exams are taking up all my time, sorry bud! I will return fairly soon though ^.^ Prepare for my return. I will raid everywhere like I did originally, lol

  3. Throws grenade back at @Sun Ray I have returned to grenade you
  4. (t’would be odd if I called this an offspring) so let us call it a fusion! This took a total of 5 days working on it on and off, and its finally done! I am relativaly proud of this piece <3
  5. And also, in 2 days I’ll finally be watching the MLP Movie for the first time <3 I’ve been trying to avoid spoilers and watching it for ages. I wanted to watch it in the cinemas when it came out in my country.

    I’ve heard good things about this movie, I’m so excited!<333

  6. I’ve been prettu dead here, life is too busy -3- 2 assessments and 5 pieces of homework currently in one week. Its pretty ridiculous. May get a chance to come on during half term, but I’ll be a tad inactive throughout the next few days.

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    2. TwiTracker


      Yeh Year 9 is probably the busiest year of all. So much stuff >.<

      Thanks for the kind words all

    3. Califorum


      I hope you get good grades

    4. TwiTracker
  7. ... This club welcomes me with open arms Star Tracker is amazing .3. And anyone who knows me knows I ship TwiTracker so I loved that fan fiction so much faints
  8. Romance

    This is the greatest thing I've ever read in my life
  9. Mega Thread

    Everybody looks so old wow Who wants to see my Twi Hairclip? <333 Dearey God o.o The forum must have glitched it, it posted that post like 10 times. I edited them all and replaced them with ‘.’ Not quite sure how to delete on mobile ;-;
  10. Boops @CypherHoof, @Fluttershy Friend and @Sun Ray .3. Also I am pretty quiet LOL weekend is over, school again, ngh .-.
  11. Request

    I know, this isnt an art display, Im requesting some art xD
  12. Mega Thread

    Alicorns, duh (Twilight<33) Least favourite MLP Species?
  13. Mega Thread

  14. Mega Thread

    Banned because thats what happens here We leave then have to catchup alot
  15. (That is true LOL) Pnurplybloo