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Status Updates posted by Woohoo

  1. I still can't believe SpongeBob got away with this scene...


  2. Ugh, Fluttershy is closing in!

  3. Lettuce does not belong on burgers

  4. SnooPINGAS usual I see?

  5. No wrong, no right, I'm gonna tell ya there's no black and no white. No blood, no stain, all we need is one worldwide vision. 

  6. I've finally booked my trip to Disneyland :please:

  7. I don't know which episode's worse, The Cutie Remark or To Where and Back Again?

  8. He's a frozen treat with an all new taste 'cause he came to this planet from outer space. A refugee of an interstellar war, but now he's at your local grocery store.

  9. Sometimes you picture me, I'm walking too far ahead. You're calling to me, I can't hear what you've said...

  10. Will anyone answer this question?!


  11. While I was on my break from the forums, I rewatched the entire first season of MLP:FIM. I'll post a blog with my thoughts on that season soon.

  12. What should my next avatar be?

  13. Give me neutrality or give me death!

  14. I hate yawning.

  15. Gimme food, gimme fries, gimme salad on the side!

  16. No sir, not getting out of this chair.

  17. Looking through my previous status updates, I once said Season 7 was pretty mediocre. Now, I rescind that comment. S7 is probably my third favorite season of the show ^_^ 

  18. Weird dreams, Y U NO leave me alone?!

  19. Sleep with one eye open, gripping your pillow tight.