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  1. My sister made this ages ago for one of my birthdays my sister is older so she's the tall one I will send photo on laptop shortly sorry i made that ^ i could find hers but if your looking for ipod backgrounds i make simple ones all i need is Background: Text: Text: colour: Simlelys and others: (hearts flowers animals) Thx if you want orginal 1. Right click and select save as... 2. Name: 3. send to your email address you use on your ipod iphone etc etc etc 4. find it and make it your wallpaper 5. share with friends
  2. An RP based on the movie by Jim Henson with David Bowie. A Pony called Black Beauty and her friends are sent into a Labyrinth to retive what was taken from them. Will You Join The Journey??? Name: Gender: Type: Cutie Mark: What gets taken: Age: Other: ________ Name:Black Beauty Gender: F Type: Earth Pony Cutie Mark: Quater of the Moon (means can seefully in the dark) What gets taken: her baby brother Age: 16 Other: has a pet rabbit called Angel

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      This is probably the most "status" like statuses ever composed.


  5. I'm on there my names FluttershyMe Also i need help with saving my signature it says error Thank You DerpyGirl OUT P.S PLEASE FAN ME ON DOMO ANIMATE
  6. I'm not much of an artst but my sister is so i decided to show her art. Ps I Really bad need help making a signature Please help me (if your on deviantart please never tell her you heard that she makes them and sells them i think from me) Thx her name narxinba222
  7. .Band Queen .singer Frreddie mercury .type of music Rock .album Jazz .song Don't Stop Me Now .quote from a singer: "I'm Not Going to be a star im going to be a legand" ~ Freddie mercury
  8. Thank u all for welcoming me ( I came here because Domo Animate got boring no FORUMS and I was looking for MLP things and found this)