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  1. Snowbeam


  2. hey everypony! im really upset because ive just lost my very best friend. I only knew her from guides and when she had to move house she stopped coming and i dont know her phone number I think her minecraft username is Jakedooda or something. I thought that the best way to deal with situations like this is to seek the help of my fellow bronies and pegasisters. So everypony, what can i do?
  3. Snowbeam

    Favorite eye color

    i like ice blue and my eyes are blue aqua green colour.... cant explain it very well 3: I also like charlieissocoollike's eyes (on youtube) OH yeah! THATS what my eyes are like! it gets really annoying when people compliment me though because im really shy and i dont know how to reply to a compliment other than "um thank you? :)"
  4. theres quite a lot of yogscast themed pony pics 2
  5. Snowbeam

    Hello Every pony

    Welcome to the herd! I'm snowbeam and your colours look really good on your tail :3
  6. Snowbeam

    How and when did you become a brony?

    well technically im a pegasister but since you asked, My brother became a brony when he watched one episode just to see why so many people loved it but he couldn't stop watching so he told me about it so i watched an episode and got hooked!
  7. Snowbeam

    What are the positive qualities of Rainbow Dash?

    By 'mean' I mean like rebellious not as in she kills everypony that would be very mean 3: I sorta mean like she only really cares about herself but sometimes she does nice things and learns that its not all about her
  8. Snowbeam

    Was Twilight Sparkle becoming an alicorn a good thing?

    whatever I just don't think she looks good with wings I'm okay with change but I don't think she should be a princess. Thats just my opinion
  9. Snowbeam

    What are the positive qualities of Rainbow Dash?

    people like her because she is mean. Its like it stops the show from being too 'fendshipy' Yes yes i know its all about friendship but if all the ponys were like that then it would just be boring
  10. Snowbeam

    Was Twilight Sparkle becoming an alicorn a good thing?

    yea and the picture of princess twilight up the top of the page, wings don't look good on her. I think maybe her main isn't flowy enough of something...
  11. a pegasus was sleeping in the library. "Um do you mind snoring a bit quieter please snowbeam?" requested twilight, poking her with her hoof. "uhh wha? why'd you wake me up?" groaned snowbeam. "Are you taking out a book?" "nah" "then i'm gonna have to ask you to leave". And with that, the angry pegasus flew of, pushing everyone out of the way. She found a comfy cloud where she could sit and read her stolen book (she didn't understand that you don't have to pay for library books). She looked down and saw twilight shouting "Your gonna need to return that book snowbeam!!!" "Yeah whatever" puffed snowbeam, "I promise I won't eat this one" "But thats exactly what you said about 'curse of the werepony' and you still ate it!" "mmmm that was a good book" drooled snowbeam. As she chewed on her book, she saw a shop selling ice cream. "mmmm ice cream" she thought to herself as she flew down. "I'll have a mint one please!" she said to the unicorn running the stand. "sure! that will be one bit please!" said the unicorn with a smile. "one bit? umm ok i can afford that". The unicorn scooped the ice cream into a cone and handed it to Snowbeam. "Thanks! heres the money!" She said, handing the unicorn a bottle cap and flying off before he noticed
  12. Snowbeam

    Was Twilight Sparkle becoming an alicorn a good thing?

    I don't think I like twilight being an alicorn Its just that twilight was already better than all the other ponys as in she had the most powerful element and she was more magical than the other unicorns. I don't know... I just don't like it.
  13. Snowbeam

    Mega Thread What would your cutie mark be? And why?

    snowflakes cus i love the cold and snow or an ice blue lightning bolt. Also I think my special talent is surviving in cold weather, i go have snowball fights wearing a t shirt. My avatar is what i would look like but its kinda small
  14. Snowbeam

    Why is Spike so neglected?

    *SIGH* maybe he's just ugly... poor spike, its not his fault he's ugly... Or maybe his fangs aren't big enough... bronys like dragons with fangs... well he is just a baby after all...