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    I like to draw... go to parties and have fun with all of my friends...

    I'm kinda shy when I first meet people, but once I get to know them a little, I start opening up to them a little...

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  1. oh my gosh... ALL of my friends and family want me to draw the, oc's... im gonna be busy all this weekend =/

  2. hi fyrestorm! youre gonna love it here! everypony is really nice, (which youve probably figured out already xD) we're gonna be the bestest friends ever!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. pinkie pie she is best pony... XD yay! i like your picture... its funny
  4. gotta go to school :(

  5. hi lunar fields! you're gonna love it here... everypony is really nice have fun!
  6. yeah! pinkie pie is best pony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! youre gonna love it here! all of the people are so nice
  7. yay! somepony new! youre gonna love it here! all you have to do is kinda be yourself... and nice to others too
  8. yay! this is gonna be so awesome!!!!!!!! we're gonna be bestest friends!!!!!!! yay!!!
  9. Yay! somepony new! I hope you have a good time here! Its gonna be soooooooooooooooo much fun with you around
  10. Yay! This place is so awesome! And the people are so friendly, I wanna come here every day!!!!! xD well maybe not that often...

  11. this is awesome... you should make them as paraspites next... that would be funny i kinda like the rainbow dash one the most... she just seems cooler than all of them xD
  12. dddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww. they look really cute make moar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i think celestia looks a little pink xD i think fluttershy looks awesome again, you did really awesome on these
  13. Thanks everypony... it's nice to know there are some friendly people out there...
  14. im new here... and yeah... i was wondering how to uh... become a mufffin?