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    I'm a pro AM skateboarder, an experienced off road racer (I love to mud bog and track ride haha) I play several different instruments, and LOVE PONIES!

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  1. I need to make more drawings haha. Maybe I'll work some in during spring break. Gotta balance Calipso, La Vela, and the drawings though!

  2. haha thanks I take all critique and tops into consideration with all of my drawings =^.^= I've been drawing off and on like this for a year haha. I'll definitely think about your tips when I make my next one you're reeeeeeally good haha. And yeah my signature is quite different from normal ;D tehe
  3. Not too shabby for the first shot at it a base pony like this can be turned into absolutely ANYTHING in the world =^.^= keep working at it!
  4. So I more or less so just butchered Nightmare moon, Don't be too harsh on me with this one, it's 3:30 AM and I'm just finishing her XP
  5. a little bit of practice and time every day for a while drawing nothing but straight lines will turn an amateur into the world's best artist =^.^= You'll get better I have one done of apple jack It's in my posts somewhere haha. It's a decent one and i'm going to have N.M posted soon, still finalizing some parts to her
  6. thank you =^.^= Yeah the waves on her hair are bunched up and a bit uneven but it's close to her hopefully when I do this nightmare moon in a few minutes i redeem Rarity.
  7. One of the ones you may not see often, but is AMAZING! What do you guys think? Haha, he didn't take as long to draw as I expected, so pony with me on the details.
  8. So I thought I should do a little drawing of Rarity haha. I've been wanting to get around to this for quite a while but was busy so I thought I'd spend a little time and attempt it. sorry about the hair, I may have slightly messed that up.
  9. Don't be too rough on me I've never attempted to create my own pony before haha. Let me know what you think and be on the lookout for my shining armor, nightmare moon, and rarity =^.^=
  10. I like it! Good job with the shading and really nice concept haha. I'm liking the work with the bow tie, fine wine, and cool single-lensed singlasses =^.^=
  11. YOU'RE WELCOME! I was part of the group that did this. We planned for a week with the pages called "first cement" and "the best of youtube comments" a big raid on teen swag. They went down after some inside work, mind games, and trolling. It took 10 thousand of us a day and a half to RUIN a 1.2 MILLION strong fanbase! Next we're gunna get teen quotes.
  12. I'm pretty expertise in the field of trucks, motorcycles, and ATVs seeing as I work as an offroad mechanic haha. I have a chevy 1500 soon to get a rough country 6" suspension lift on it and a Yamaha YZF R1 with a custom exhaust.
  13. Thank you =^.^= Yeah my hand got shaky drawing the hind leg haha, I may do a drawing of Fluttershy and Applejack together sometime
  14. I figured I'd draw Apple Jack today =^.^= Hope I got the detailing right for you guys haha, I took a bit of time on this one but it didn't take long. Hope you like it!
  15. Just got back from showchoir practice, now to check out the oh so brilliant pony world =^.^=