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  1. CamRad18

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned because I haven't been here in forever
  2. CamRad18

    Flu shot ? Yes/no and why ?

    I don't think you could have picked a more biased source if you tried. Despite what you may believe, the FDA does a pretty good job or regulating what gets put into vaccines. Besides, when you don't get vaccinated, you're not only a danger to yourself but to others. Read this, it might change your view.
  3. CamRad18

    Do you drink?

    Do I drink...? Let me introduce you to my good friend Jagermeister. Mix him with a little beer and you've got yourself a one-way ticket to drunkville...
  4. So far, everyone has been listing disturbing stories with horrible writing. I recently stumbled across a story on fimfiction that was terrifying and AMAZINGLY written. Its called Six Walk In by KitsuneRisu. Check it out here:
  5. CamRad18

    MLP Trading Cards

    Two apologies 1. Sorry for responding so late 2. Sorry, I can't sell the card for that much. It'd be a loss. On a slightly different note, how would you appraise a S1 "I Just Don't Know What Went Wrong" promo card signed by Tabitha St. Germain? I haven't seen any on Ebay to compare...
  6. Death by cheese grater... Definitely NOT fun for the whole family but who knows, maybe you taste really good sprinkled on a salad.
  7. CamRad18

    Poet's Club

    I've got another poem brewing as well. I've been without internet for a while due to vacation but I'm back! As for reviving this thread, I've got some ideas we can discuss Hey guys! In an effort to strike up a little friendliness around here, we've created a chat group on Skype. Hopefully this will increase communication and clear some of the tumble weeds blowing through the Poet's Club lately. Anyway, add CamRad18 if you want to join our little corner of the universe. Cheers, CamRad18
  8. CamRad18

    MLP Trading Cards

    Hey guys, I'me considering selling my s1 set. I have every single card, including the promos. Would anybody be interested if I put some cards on ebay?
  9. CamRad18

    MLP Trading Cards

    I snagged that one for $180. Here's hoping that sometime in the future I'll be able to make my money back off of some rich collector.
  10. CamRad18

    MLP Trading Cards

    is $220 a good deal for the Rarity S1 promo? Because I (in a moment of questionable judgement) just dropped that ungodly sum for one.
  11. CamRad18

    What is your height and weight?

    Height: 5'11 weight: 165 lbs. Slightly above average so I'm not complaining. Maybe I should have eaten more vegetables as a kid...
  12. Wow, I really feel sorry for some of you guys. My entire facebook is decked out brony-style and all I ever get is awkward acceptance or slight disbelief. I have yet to get in a brawl over a show I watch.
  13. CamRad18

    Poet's Club

    This also gets CamRad18's slightly less flashy seal of approval. I'll post the new theme and we can start on it at any time.
  14. CamRad18

    That Shifty Old Bastard

    Really hoping the title doesn't bring about unnecessary warning points... Here's one poem written in two different forms. Comment, brohoof, criticize, and/or name your favorite barn animal. The clock on the wall is quite shifty indeed. He goes back on his promises forth on his greed. He’ll yell out the hour then, just as you turn. The minutes will crumble The seconds will burn. ----------------------- The clock Selfish and cruel A prank where you’re the fool Addictive to submissive tick tock
  15. CamRad18

    Do you ever regret being a brony?

    I'll tell you one thing, I regret the amount of sleep I lose browsing these forums every night... Just kidding, I love you guys. In fact, I'm going to create a short list of the things this fandom has done for me. Reasons CamRad18 Thoroughly Enjoys His Pony Obsessed Brethren. 1. I'm less of a cynical bastard. 2. It's harder to judge others when you've got a room full of pony. 3. I've discovered fanfiction and it is DELICIOUS. (I read way more romance fics than a normal 17 year old guy should. PinkieDash is OTP). 4. *Most* of my friends respect me more for liking MLP, even if others see it as weird. (No, I don't tell them about fan fiction...or the r34 side of the fandom). 5. I discovered my passion for poetry. 6. My depression didn't end in suicide. It's hard to carve up your wrist while listening to "Smile, smile, smile". There's probably a bunch more reasons, but those are the ones I could think of at 1 AM. So no, I don't regret being in the fandom. I do, however, feel somewhat odd about dropping $300+ on equine souvenirs.