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  1. Been gone a while but now I'm back. Great to see some new faces on one of my favorite threads.
  2. Well after a month and a half Safeway finally called me back about my job application. wish me luck!

    1. Panne


      1) Get the job

      2) get the money

      3) get the ponies

  3. Went to the mall today and FYE had just stocked some more pony blind-bags, I didn't get any because I don't have alot of money right noww so I couldn't afford it. I went to the car and found a few dollars in the ash tray, I then ran back into the mall and bought two blind-bags. I think I have a problem.

  4. We need to remember that the parents that go on these stupid parenting wed sites are usually the over protective and sheltering type and the complain about anything and every thing that they don't like. there were huge complaints about shows like iCarly and Suite Life when they were running.
  5. I fixed the broken headphone jack on my ipod, turns out it was filled with lint from my pockets.

    1. Jokuc


      What do you have in your pockets my friend?

    2. Fluffy Pinkie
    3. firesoxs


      Just my ipod, my phone, my keys, and my contact solution.

  6. Happy Birthday dude!

  7. Had an awesome diner of steak and potatoes for my birthday. After diner my fam brought out a cake topped with all my blind bag ponies /)^3^(\

  8. Happy birthday Firesoxs!

  9. Fluttershy is definitely the cutest filly. I mean just look at her mane and her cute little eyes. One thing though, is't it weird that she is the only one whose eyes have the bottom lashes as a filly?
  10. Going to see Man of Steel for my birth day and then I'm coming home to grill up a few steaks. Going to be a good day I think.

  11. Watching the pirated version of Equestria Girls. I know that I shouldn't but I just can't wait for the DVD cuz I' afraid of spoilers. Besides do you really think somene who's spent nearly four hundred dollars on pony merch is not going to buy the DVD when it comes out?

  12. My cat just had kittens they are so adorable.

    1. Zygen


      Awww :D, you going to keep them or your going to give them away to others or something?

  13. I have to go into the store to get everything even if I order it. I live in a rural area and they don't ship to PO boxes for some stupid reason so I ave to order it at the store kiosk and pick it up when it arrives.
  14. Hot topic has a bunch, my local store keeps sending back alot of there merch though cuz none buys it. The manager said that there's only one other person besides me who buys the stuff.
  15. Oh believe me buying merch is even more addicting. I can't even go to the mall without buying at least a blind bag or two. My freinds and family think I'm overreacting but they leave me alone for the most part cuz it makes me happy.