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  1. I'm back and yes I was the ScrewUpCrew!!!

  2. Rainbow Recon

    Ask Pinkie Pie! :D

    Is that you? Eh, Heres A cupcake!
  3. Rainbow Recon

    Ask Soarin!

    ready mike?
  4. i cant download it, sorry- but still, try to add that to a vocaroo clip or whatever the buck it is. ~~HAY GUYS ITS ME AGAIN!!~~ THIS IS- ahem sorry. This is just a little update fo u guys. I am making an animation, and am adding voices to it! I need these voices by Next monday, or whatever pony you can come up with, that will be in. There are 3 ponies in total with voices. And a few without any voices at all! Please bring your A-game guys! Ill keep you updated on this event! ~~ MAKING A PMV~~ i will not be animating/nor adding lyrics, unless it comes to that! Me and my friend will work out t
  5. Rainbow Recon

    Ask Soarin!

    *sits next to mike* that aint gonna get you outta there, but nice try, butter-hooves!
  6. Rainbow Recon

    Ask Pinkie Pie! :D

    things would go, terribly, terribly wrong. (Starts playing (dont know name but whatever) how could this happen to me) *zooms into face, breaking 4th wall*
  7. Rainbow Recon

    Ask Soarin!

    okay, *grabs tape while holding mike down and tapes him* there, okay lets take him to twis!
  8. Havin fun answerin questions and watchin mlp while animating!

    1. Friendship_Cannon


      multitasking, an own kind of magic

  9. Rainbow Recon

    Ask Pinkie Pie! :D

    No, but i think thats a weird idea anyways. Imagine me and derpyhooves tipsy!!! Oh jeez.... I laugh at them! Except nightmare and discord. Discords nice now, and nightmare just needs the rest of us here, and id use the gallon of farts to knock her out then the rest of us will beat her with the stic-i mean. Use our elements of harmony!!!! well you have to spend some time with them and try to make them laugh/ be your friend! When i met twilight, i threw her a party, try that, too! Its fun living there,and plus i get free cookies cupcakes and iced muffins! Also it always smells good there,
  10. Rainbow Recon

    Ask Soarin!

    Im Doing Absolutly Amazing! How Bout U? Okay here we go! *picks up mike* Lets go, creep.
  11. awesome! also, (this is for anyone on here) If you Dont think that you can do the voice, still try!! Ill try to give tips on what to do, if anyone needs it!
  12. Rainbow Recon

    Ask Dr. Whooves

    Whats going on?!
  13. Rainbow Recon

    Ask Soarin!

    *flies real fast and stops mike* Listen, if you dont go to twis, youll be a mare, forever! I dont want that! Please go and change! I dont even recognize yah! Please...please...
  14. Rainbow Recon

    Ask Soarin!

    Yea! MIKE come back! We NEED to get you to twis, and FAST!
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