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  1. all of those can be found on Deviant Art, just search for them. just search the characters name followed by "Flash Puppet Rig" and it should come right up
  2. Glad they were useful! and if that was an offer to help you with that project, then I would love to!! just send me the details in a message
  3. I used those pictures to make the puppet rigs they were extremely useful, great job on those! I didn't realize they were rigs though, I thought it was just a vectored image
  4. Glad you found them useful! I never understood why they weren't included either. I really thought that after the premiere of doublerainboom they were going to release them...but oh well
  5. I have recently finish the First Ever 360 view puppet rigs for My Little Pony! Download all of the Mane 6 (and soon the CMC) here: here is a video showing how they look while being rotated: and here are some screenshots of the Flash Files: if you enjoyed these and found them useful in anyway, it would be greatly appreciated if you would subscribe Plus, you will be updated when ever I make more awesome rigs or awesome animations! Link:
  6. Video Tutorial This tutorial Requires Adobe Flash CS6 Hope this is useful for some pony Puppet Rig Base: If you have any questions, just post them, and I will respond Subscribe for animations and more tutorials
  7. lol yeh, This was an old recording before I new that, I went back and tried to redo the recording, but it got corrupted so I just ended up using this. The ctrl + f thing is soo much faster. but thanks for pointing that out
  8. it takes awhile, but once you do it once, you never have to do it again you can always just reuse the same walk cycle for different ponies as long as you recolor it. I posted the walk cycle in the description of the video if you want to use it. saves a lot of time doing it that way
  9. Video tutorial on how to animate Original Characters using puppet rigs: have questions? Post a reply! I will make sure to answer it, or add me on skype: jackbtroop62 Please like the video if you found it helpful! Also, please consider subscribing if you want to see some more of my animations and tutorials.
  10. I honestly didn't know Fluffll Puff didn't talk XD I have never watched any videos of her. I was just given the voice and the puppet rig to do some animating for someone on. Sorry you didn't like the voice, if I ever do any fluffle puff in the future I won't have her talk. Sorry you couldn't hear the voice XD
  11. lol well the voice is from a different brony, I used their voice and animated it XD. But I am glad you liked the animation! I will make more like it soon hopefully
  12. This is a little video test I made. I have been working on bigger projects, so it isn't amazing, but I thought it was a pretty good lip syncing test. Video: Subscribe if you enjoy animations, and are interested in seeing more! Constructive criticism is welcome!
  13. Alright, just let me know when you add me! my skype name is jackbtroop62 (like I said before). I can't wait to see what your drawings look like.
  14. Alright, that sounds like it would work! I will have to see what you can do . Do you have a skype? if so, add me: jackbtroop62
  15. Hello! I am a animator, and REALLY need help with drawing certain things for animations. Most importantly, I need help drawing the hair and tails for ponies I am animating for a PMV I am working on. You don't need any knowledge on animating, I just need someone who can draw decently. It would be most helpful if the drawings were vectors, but I don't need them as vectors. Anyways, I really hope someone can help me. Message me if your interested