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    Yes, I even lift.
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    Do not be afraid to admit failure, but never accept defeat.
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    I have quite a few interests, some of which being Guitar, Piano, Basketball, Soccer, Gym, Biking, Art, Vlogging and Sleeping.

    Well, there are interests, and then there are addictions. My only addiction is MLP, and there's a very good reason for that ;)
    And that is that it's a good show. What, you thought...? Oh my god, you pervert, get out! xD

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  1. Oh hey, this site still exists. Whaddya know xD

    1. Rye_B_P


      ....and a lot more exists within this site! Welcome back!

  2. This place has gone to shit.

    1. Guest90210


      why do you say that?


    2. Clarity


      No, shit. No one likes MY favorite character! ;_;

  3. Fuck being social I have LoL and grape soda >:C

  4. Welp, about 2 months after posting this, I asked someone out over the internet, and we've been dating 6 months.... I guess I'm kinda eating my own words right now xD
  5. Peed's, getfo.

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    2. Kitty Cat Moonshire

      Kitty Cat Moonshire

      i use da ovva hand 2 fap cuz i pley ahri


    3. Mephala



      such manly

      much defining ur masculiti

      "jinx sux she doent hav bib bewbs :v"

      ^ u

    4. Kitty Cat Moonshire

      Kitty Cat Moonshire

      jinx sux bc jinx sux... big bewbs are ew

  6. Ahri is so cute x3

    1. QuirkyUsername


      Ahri is best pony :3

    2. Kitty Cat Moonshire

      Kitty Cat Moonshire

      Ahri is better than any pony, ahri is best fox :3

    3. QuirkyUsername


      XD there is wisdom in your words. Indeed my friend, indeed

  7. Why am I still here, I don't even watch ponies anymore ._. ... season 4 hope perhaps....

  8. Getting sick on halloween ;~;

  9. *internally needs friends* :c

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    2. Kitty Cat Moonshire

      Kitty Cat Moonshire

      I more meant IRL ._. Like, someone to hangout with


    3. Kitty Cat Moonshire

      Kitty Cat Moonshire

      But we can be friends :3

    4. Away
  10. I don't even know you but I love you. Marry me. Now. ~~~ I'm 17, and I like ice cream ._. I like gym and I wrestle (1st year tho) and I play guitar and yay 100 charactes~
  11. CHALLENGE DAY! Open this in 10 tabs =