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  1. I think World War Z and Evil Dead 2 were the only disappointing movies I've seen, at least as far as I can remember, pretty sure there was some other movie that was based on a video game but I can't really remember.
  2. Dr. Love

    Season 4: Predictions & Hopes

    All I'm hoping for is that it's better than season 3, after the second season the quality of the show really dropped, hopefully season 4 can get back to what made MLP a good show.
  3. Dr. Love

    Ponies Enslaving The Human Race...

    Equestrian technology isn't really effective compared to human weaponry, as far as I know the Equestrian military fights with middle aged weapons while we humans have weapons that could destroy the entire planet.
  4. Dr. Love

    Your opinion on Molestia?

    To be honest, I hate the actual Celestia that's in the show, Molestia however is one of the few pony tumblers that I even bother to follow, it's harmless sexual comedy. This whole "Down with Molestia" thing reminds me of the moronic One Direction fans who had Rucka Rucka Ali suspended from Twitter because he made a song making fun of their beloved idol Zayn by saying that he did 9/11.
  5. Dr. Love

    My Little Pony is an overrated cartoon.

    Please don't bite my head off for saying this, but as a fan of MLP I have to admit that it's one of the most overrated tv shows I've ever seen, and that there are other shows that I think are far better, some of the shows that I think are better than MLP are: Supernatural Rosario + Vampire (deserves way more attention than it gets) Girls Bravo South Park The Avengers: Earths mightiest Heroes Doctor Who Woverine and the X-men Ultimate Spiderman Teen Titans Merlin Futurama and Family Guy
  6. Dr. Love

    What if Twilight Sparkle was Bad (evil)

    Since she's literally the most overpowered character in the show now I don't see how anyone would even be able to rival her abilities, she could do anything she wanted to, because magic, the only thing that could possibly beat her is bad writing like I've unfortunately been seeing a lot of lately.
  7. Dr. Love

    Opinions on the ending of Equestria Girls?

    My two question are: 1 How the hell did one of the Elements of HARMONY turn her into a demonic creature and allow her to use what I assume is black magic? 2 How is she able to use the element of magic while Celestia can't? I was lead to believe that only Twilight could access its power. As for what I think of it, I thought that scene was incredibly stupid, especially Sunset Shimmer's 180 turn into a good guy once it was over, and as I said before the entire climax was over before it started.
  8. Optimus Prime, no contest, he leads his team into battles and always keeps a cool head when things get out of control, Twilight on the other hand would panic and probably do something rash while risking her friends in the process.
  9. Dr. Love

    Save Flash Sentry!

    Nay, negatory, nuh-uh, nope! Don't even think about it Ain' happ'nin'! Not in this lifetime. Not in this universe. Fugeddaboudit! Equestria Girls is it's own thing, let's leave it at that, season 4 should not have anything to do with that movie, as far as I'm concerned, the events of EqG never happened,
  10. Dr. Love

    Would you like a sequel for Equestria Girls?

    NO! What we need next is an actual FiM movie, having an Equestria Girls 2 would be even more stupid and pointless than having the original damn film in the first place.
  11. Dr. Love

    Gaming "Bad" Games that you liked

    I quite enjoyed playing Sonic The Hedgehog (2006), once you get around all the glitches it's really fun to play, especially with Silver, I also think Mephiles is the best villain to come out of the entire franchise, I mostly like it for the story though.
  12. Dr. Love

    Humans in FIM?

    I doubt they will be in season 4, but knowing Hasbro this is not the last time we'll being seeing them, they'll probably have a show of their own after season 4 ends, lets hope I'm wrong though.
  13. Dr. Love

    Parents Complaining About Equestria Girls

    I hate just about every aspect of this movie so far, but Jesus tap dancing Christ I can not stand people like this, who gives a crap about how "sexy" looking they are? (although I don't see the appeal at all)
  14. Dr. Love

    would this make me a bad brony?

    Of course not, I mean I'm not a bad white person for finding this song really enjoyable http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh5Mq5E2zds Besides, I can't recall one Rucka Rucka Ali music video that wouldn't be considered offensive.
  15. Dr. Love

    Would you watch G5 Ponies?

    Depends on how much Hasbro decides to meddle with it, honestly they wouldn't know quality if it shot them between the eyes. I would be skeptical if it was in an entirely different universe though, which it probably would be considering G4 Equestria was Lauren's idea.