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  1. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Who's going to Babscon?

    True, but there'd be little point in us staying at a hotel for a night only to have to leave the con early the next day. I'd rather just go for the first day and not worry about overblown hotel costs.
  2. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Who's going to Babscon?

    It was up in the air for quite some time as to whether I'd be able to go - financial difficulties and such - but now it appears I'll at least be able to attend the first day with my little sis. Might come dressed as Big Mac, with my sis as AJ...we'll see. Wish I could stay that Saturday as well (if for no other reason than to see everyone at the con going apeshit over the season premiere), but I can't in good conscience skip out on my mom's birthday. Should be one helluva Friday, though.
  3. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    What's With this thing with The Steven Universe Fandom vs. The Brony Fandom?

    Anyhoo, just SJWs being themselves. "Ermagerd, bronies 'stole' MLP from teh girls, and now they're trying to do the same thing to Steven Universe! THIS MEANS WAR." >Implying that SU is in any way gendered >Also implying that people shouldn't have the personal autonomy to enjoy something regardless of which gender it's "supposed" to appeal to What a laugh. Anyway, aside from having reblogged horsenews's post and mocking the everloving fuck out of these nutters, I have no plans on joining this pointless "war" as one does not simply keep people out of a fandom. What do they plan to do, doxx any brony they catch watching SU? Please.
  4. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    MLP FIM: Do people complain too much?

    I get what people are saying about every fandom having its complainers, but I think ours takes it just a bit too far with its oversaturated sub-community of "show analysts" who hold this cartoon's writing to a ridiculously higher standard than it really needs to be. I can understand a show with complex writing aimed at mature audiences like The Walking Dead having an in-depth fan analysis show like The Talking Dead, but does a cartoon like MLP really warrant a bunch of 20-something year olds - who are well older than the show's core demographic, whether some of us want to admit that or not - making YouTube videos whining about the most trivial of trivial horseshit like "Ooh, Pinkie was so meeeean in that episode, so OOC!" or "Omigosh why did they make Daring Do real? The show's RUINED now."? There's a difference between voicing one's likes/dislikes and what I refer to as bitching. And IMHO, this fandom in particular seems to do a lot more of the latter than most others I've seen.
  5. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Is finding accents amusing racist?

    No. Main reason being, it's more than possible for people of the same race but different geographical origins to speak the same language in different ways; nothing racist about a white Texan making fun of a white New Yorker's accent. But I'm sure you mean whether or not it's "culturally insensitive", yes? To a certain degree, it can be. Kind of depends on the intent of the person who finds the accent amusing. If they merely get a kick out of the fact that it sounds bizarre to them, then there's nothing really wrong with that. If they get all uppity about it ("Ermagerd, lurn 2 speek englush u dum yokel ahahaha") and judge you as a person merely for the way you speak, then that's just ignorant.
  6. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Worst lines of dialogue in the show.

    That's more a problem with the fandom's overuse of the phrase, not the line itself. It worked within the context of the episode because it represented that type of frustrating customer who only gives you a vague idea of what they want.
  7. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Why are these types of OCs so common in the fandom?

    I suppose I could point out that all fandoms are guilty of producing these types of OCs and leave it at that, but I'll break down my thoughts on each category just for shits n' giggles. OCs with tragic pasts? Real people have tragic pasts; art imitates life; stands to reason that there'd be characters with tragic pasts in fiction as well, does it not? Not really understanding the ire towards that particular character trait. Perhaps if it adds nothing to the plot and exists purely to make people 'feel sowwy' for the character, then sure, it's kind of pointless. But I don't think merely having a tragic past is a good reason to write off an OC as a Mary Sue, especially if it's executed reasonably well. Alicorn OCs This seems to fall under the more general hate for "OP" characters, but again, this can be done well. The important thing to realize right off the bat is that "powerful" and "OP" are not equivalent. As long as a powerful OC is beatable, and is actively having to overcome challenges over the course of a story, he or she does not qualify as being overpowered. Furthermore, I think A Canterlot Wedding and Twilight's Kingdom both clearly demonstrated that alicorns - while quite powerful - are not omnipotent. They can be defeated, and can even have their power drained from them. Not exactly what I'd call "OP by default". Self insert OCs Again, not seeing what's wrong with this. People love the setting of MLP. So much so that they want to insert themselves into that setting, and the only good way to do so (aside from the as-of-yet nonexistent holodeck from Star Trek) is to make an OC/ponysona that represents them. I could see how it would be irritating to see OCs chumming it up with (even dating) important characters, but merely having a character meant to insert you into the environment you love isn't inherently bad in and of itself.
  8. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Gaming Stereotypes on certain gamers?

    I believe the definition of "casual" has been warped significantly. Originally it only applied towards people who played...well, casual games like Bejeweled, FarmVille and other such "browser games" that offer only the most minimal of stimulation. Now it seems to encompass everything that isn't an FPS with online play. Of course, if you were to ask me who I'd consider more "hardcore" - someone who could get through the first Mega Man game without losing a single guy, or some no-scoper boasting about his kill streak - I'd have to go with the former. Then again, maybe that's just my age showing through... I'll be honest, I've never once heard anyone complain that graphics are "too good". In fact, I do believe a majority of the arguments having to do with graphics center on graphics not being good enough. And most especially, modern gamers' disdain for retro games; "Eww, it's so blocky looking! What terrible graphics, nyah!" That, IMO, is horrendously stupid.
  9. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Gaming Stereotypes on certain gamers?

    Ad fucking nauseum. I don't know what it is about this relatively recent, tunnel visioned approach to gaming wherein only excessively grim games are considered good, but I wish people would knock it the hell off. Maturity isn't determined by which games you choose to play, it's determined by how you conduct yourself as an individual. Spend five minutes in an online match for a gritty shooter game, and you'll see how "mature" some of the people who like that style of gameplay can really be. Proof that grit does not necessarily breed wit.
  10. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Gaming [Poll] - Favorite Super Smash Bros 4 Characters

    Always used to be a Fox guy, but they seem to have nerfed his endurance in a way that makes it really easy to die as him, so now Falco's my preferred veteran fighter. As far as newcomers, Mega Man all the way.
  11. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Most cringe worthy moments in the show?

    Maybe I'm just unbelievably forgiving, but there aren't very many moments I can recall that've made me cringe. Although yes, I do instinctively cringe when the theme song starts playing. I don't even think it's a bad song, it's just...look, I may may watch a show based on pretty pink n' purple ponies (as well as collect an ungodly amount of merch related to it all), but even I have my limits. My inner little boy just rebels at the very first line of the intro. X) I guess one of the only moments in the show that made me personally cringe was when Big Mac chewed out the CMCs in Ponyville Confidential. Or hell, pretty much the entire town's treatment of them. They did wrong, sure, but the things they "outed" ponies on were so trivial that I couldn't help but think "Ouch. " at the disproportionate amount of shunning they received.
  12. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Night showerer or morning showerer?

    Both are a royal pain in the ass. Morning showers require me to wake up a good 20 minutes earlier, and night showers are inconvenient because I have so much hair, it's never completely dry by the time I go to bed. And trying to sleep with damp hair is So yes, I suppose I am an afternoon/early evening showerer.
  13. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Do you think time travel is possible/A good idea?

    Keep in mind, my understanding of these scientific principles is only that of a somewhat-informed layman, so I expect folks who are more well-learned than I am will point out any inaccuracies in my post. I'm fairly certain I accurately conveyed the gist of what scientists like Stephen Hawking have been saying, though.
  14. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Do you think time travel is possible/A good idea?

    According to scientific consensus, only forward time travel is conceptually possible. As an object approaches the speed of light (though it'll never actually get there), time passes a lot more slowly for it, relative to the rest of the universe. So if you had a spacecraft capable of reaching near-lightspeed, it's conceivable that you could catapult yourself years into the future before a handful of minutes passed for you. Now, whether humanity will ever be able to invent a vessel that could travel that fast, no one really knows for sure. Only time will tell (if you can pardon the awful pun). As for whether it'd be a good idea…well, that's entirely up to you and the factors in your life. If you'd be leaving behind nothing that you'd particularly miss, then I'd say go for it.
  15. Thrashy --DEFUNCT--

    Write with your non-dominant hand

    Exactly what it says on the tin - let's see how you write with your not-so-dominant hand. You can also provide an example done with your dominant hand, just for comparison's sake. My lovely pen strokes: As you can see, I just barely qualify as a righty, although I wouldn't hold it against anyone if they said I was ambisinister.