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  1. you know you're a brony when you're over 12 years old and you like MLP ... am i doing this right?
  2. i don't have a favourite dog breed, i just dislike some less than others
  3. if you drink it in moderation it actually has health benefits
  4. tryophobia (clusters of holes, bumps and cracks), entomophobia (insects), arachnophobia (spiders) and cynophobia (dogs)
  5. i have a phobia of insects, so pretty much all of them
  6. Minecraft is like the meth of video games
  7. sometimes i wear yellow, climb a tree and pretend i am a banana
  8. i'm a tiny bit late but Scotland is part of Britain
  9. Tesco "Finest" chicken i don't even want to imagine what their regular chicken tastes like...
  10. i am literally incapable of gaining weight. that might sound amazing, and it would be if i wasn't practically a living skeleton
  11. i fell over and hit the back of my head in the kitchen 0/10, would not do again
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