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    Frank Reynolds
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    Jeremy Melton
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    Mitsuru Kuroiwa
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    Bart Simpson
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    Slumber Party Massacre 2
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    Do Not Diddle Kids
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    Squidward is a hogharts wizard...?
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    You Keep Touching Rita's Corpse, you're head'll spin
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  1. "Are you ready..to face the unending horror..of the face of Marcus Fenix?"
  2. Ancient Aliens. "He's got his mighty backpack, in which he stores all his sand, which he loves so much. That's where he keeps his midi-chlorians."
  3. The Cat in the Hat. "It's got two K's from KKK as well, it's racist! Buknuk is racist party!" I should probably clarify that ledging doesn't mean something sexual. It just means to build ledges or is slang for using ledges to climb, or looking like Heath Ledger's Joker.
  4. "Roses are red, Violets are blue They'll need dental records, to identify you"
  5. That's Christian/Catholic/Jehova's Witness 101 speak. That's like their opening line. "Is that boy bite-licking that Yoda?"
  6. He's trying to look sexy, but he has a bit of derp to his face.
  7. Known for being a used car salesman, who also just happens to do his job without clothes on.
  8. "Hello, do you have time to talk about our lord and savior, Hezeus Kristy?"
  9. Modify his tongue to be forked.
  10. Ledging with Zelda: Majora's Hidden Porn. "It's cool though, guys. I got the checkpoint elephant!"
  11. Captain Kangaroo. "The side of the label says 'Get Really Pissed.'"