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  1. Panzy

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Short. Same. Depends on how fast you dry. My fan on the highest setting took no time at all to dry me off.
  2. Panzy

    re-name the user above based on his/her avatar

  3. I like her hair.
  4. Panzy

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Pretty much everyday of my life. Have you ever dried yourself off with a fan after a shower?
  5. Panzy

    Mega Thread Rate the Avatar of the User Above You!

    Reminds me of Lusamine. 6/10
  6. Panzy

    Mega Thread Ship the member above you

    x Jigsaw from Saw
  7. Panzy

    Bi, Straight, Gay, or Lesbian

  8. The rainbow mane compliments the grey.
  9. Panzy

    Being naked

    I like being naked somewhat, but for me, it's really not as comfortable as people say it is. I prefer clothing for being casual and nudity for other occasions.
  10. When we were kids, me and my cousins were just the worst. We picked on everyone and everything, including each other. It was a situation where you were either the bully or the bullied. But, no one got tormented worse than my cousin that was a girly crybaby.