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  1. This is why this idea takes too long enjoy these samples ?



  2. Welcome back, @Fixedys Glad to have you back ~
  3. The riots are getting closer to where I live. They are already in neighboring towns that are 20 minutes away.

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    2. Kyoshi


      I understand making a statement, but violence and destruction is going too far. I think it is just how stressful this year has been. Everyone is on edge. I hope everyone can get through this.

    3. TomDaBombMLP


      Stay safe, my friend! You'll be fine. :fluttershy:

    4. ElectricEnergy⚡


      Stay safe! :fluttershy: Things are really bad right now.

  4. This is pretty hot :orly:


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    2. Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      Princess of Luck 🍀⚡🔥

      @Lucky Bolt what were you trying to cook? Oxygen :blink:

      Lmao you would have to be pretty special to make it that big of a flame


      That looks like when I'm trying to do a flame test at home.

      Safety Warning: Kids don;t do it at home. :ButtercupLaugh:


    3. China (100% NOT China)

      China (100% NOT China)





    4. ElectricEnergy⚡


      That's probably what would happen if I tried cooking something. :P

  5. @Graceful Stiles Care to take a shot at Wolf Tracks? An angry or serious expression would suffice. You can make it happy if that is easier for you though!
  6. I don’t like facial hair on the ponies. It looks so ugly to me.
  7. @rainbowdashacademy When the cards are made, then this thread can serve as a game. For now, it will be locked. I recommend you get card ideas through a status update or blog entry and then make a thread.
  8. @Rainbowdash69 There is already a Tempest Shadow Fan Club where users can share their views/appreciation for her. Therefore, I will be locking this thread and referring you to that one.
  9. @FirePuppy Altered this thread’s title to something a little less offensive. Not everyone who has a mental disorder is like this/would do this. Also, have moved to the Forum Lounge, as General Discussion is designated for serious, lasting conversations.
  10. We want all users to be able to freely browse here, whether they’re 13 or older. To create a system where only users of 18+ could view a certain area would take a lot of work/adjusting (at leas I’m assuming so, as I’m not the most tech savvy administrator). Also, users can lie about their age so it would be too risky in my opinion. This is why we have the rules that we do here; where a certain extent of gore/violence is allowed so that it won’t disturb young users and can still satisfy the older ones.
  11. Re-opening Keep in mine we have users as young as 13 on here. This level of gore is acceptable but an eye will be kept on this therad.
  12. @chaosprincess Hey there! Do you think you could draw my MLP:FiM OC, Wolf Tracks? A serious expression usually fits her best. Take your time
  13. The first video game I ever played to completion all on my own was Pokemon FireRed. At the time, I didn’t know you could have a team of Pokémon so I trudged through only with my Charizard.
  14. Stellaluna written by Janell Cannon was my favorite book to have read to me as a child. I still find it to be a cute, quick read. The same author also wrote Pinduli, which I also loved ♥️