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  1. ...Do you bite? :P

    1. Azul Maya

      Azul Maya

      Is it a full moon yet? :orly:

  2. @Mlp_fan101 Merging with Homework Help
  3. I have never been a big fan of the popular background characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I always thought that the personalities and characteristics given to them by fans were sorta stupid. Let me be clear, I realize that most traits/stories given to these characters are not canon. For example, Lyra Heartstrings being obsessed with humans... I don’t find that cute or charming at all. The fan works that come out about it, in my opinion, are annoying to watch. It also annoys me when some fans still go on about how Vinyl Scratch must be voiced by the YouTube user Nowacking. I haven’t heard anything from Nowacking awhile but I never thought that she should voice Vinyl Scratch. I honestly don’t mind whoever will voice her if she’s voiced at all.
  4. You are unbelievably gorgeous, Bakugou ❤️

    Thanks, darling. You’re just as gorgeous.


  5. They all want to hug you. ^^


    1. Bakugou Is My Man <3
    2. TheRockARooster


      They’re there for you, my lovely friend.



  6. Yoooooou got Discord?

    1. Bakugou Is My Man <3

      Bakugou Is My Man <3

      I do but I don’t use it :sealed:

    2. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      ...Damn, I was hoping to add you to my friends list.

  7. I have an unhealthy obsession with iced sweet tea. I’ve drank at least three gallons in recent weeks.


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    2. Bakugou Is My Man <3

      Bakugou Is My Man <3

      @Azul Maya

      Peach tea is just as good. 

    3. PathfinderCS


      I knew there was a reason I liked you. ;)

    4. Renegade the Unicorn

      Renegade the Unicorn

      Mmmm, iced tea. I like mine super-sweet.