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  1. Inspired by Dash having to leave Tank behind and say goodbye, then personally honored and played for the great memories I have had with late family members, and my dog best friend. I will see you all again someday! ** "A grand expanse stretches for miles, leading to a valley below. Time flows like honey, slow and warm and sweet, as you walk through the grasses and wheats. The sunlight echoes across the horizon as it sits on the distant hills, a cool breeze suddenly splashes memories of summers ago. The wind whispers voices you knew, you loved, you lost. They'll be flying over the valley, and so will we all one day." ** Beautiful Comment/Poem by New Reverian Music
  2. Hey guys! Check out my latest track, Tranquil be featured on Music of the Day on EQD tonight
  3. I am honored I got your message. I replied back about the potential collaboration. Thanks for listening, and I look forward to working with you!
  4. Oh wow! I am truly honored Ah yes! Those were the good ole days...even though I was born in the 90's. Still, the 80s were awesome! Awesome. Lets go get us a Dragon! (Disclaimer: must bring know, for major precautions)
  5. Good afternoon! I wanted to share my newest orchestral piece (3-4 months in the making). It has been featured on the new Ponies at Dawn "Celestial Planes" album which you should certainly check out as well! Thanks for listening!
  6. I love synthesizers. Enjoy some ambient music below! (This one is certainly experimental). Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube page for more music in the future
  7. ----Post Cancelled---- Didn't know how to properly delete
  8. Thank you! The instrument you are speaking of is called a glockenspiel; essentially it's a miniature version of a xylophone, but it's own category as it focuses on the high pitch sounds and rhythm. Thanks for listening!
  9. Thank you! I do remember that game. Good times, good times.....actually, still good times...I think we still have the 64 and that game after all these years! EDIT! = Yup, just confirmed. Knew we had the 64, but didn't know about the game...still have Pokemon Stadium
  10. Hey guys! Below is my most recent song project; an Orchestral March (in 120bpm) completely custom and dedicated to the Wonderbolts Hope you all enjoy it as much as I have composing it!
  11. There really isn't much else I can personally say that someone else hasn't already, BUT I will say: Best episode/finale of the history of MLP:FIM, EVER! I was questioning what kind of progression we were going to see, especially for a foundation for Season 5...and the DHX Team/staff didn't disappoint. Now it's time to work on some epic music about this Season finale!
  12. *tears* Out of all the comments on the video so far, all the comments I have EVER had on any video or forum, these 43 words are the most kind, genuine, and inspiring feedback I think I have ever received. So thank YOU for taking the time to type that! Thank you, -Silverwing --Download is in the description (soundcloud) if you haven't done so yet!--
  13. Yea, his/her work is pretty awesome. My cousin can do a lot of drawing and photoshop manipulation as well. She asked me "How do you create songs like that? You should major in sound design." I tell her "Well, the best I can do is stick figures. HOW do you draw something that looks so real?" It's mind boggling to me!
  14. Thank you! Yes, the effort was quite a lot. I am really glad you and others are enjoying it! The images are from a user on Deviant Art, called Tzolkine, who produces awesome work. Those images were used as a main source of direct and indirect symbolism. The link to Tzoline's gallery is below!