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  1. Again I'm open for history lessons. Perhaps in exchange for lessons in 3D modelling or computer coding, or German. I'd love to help someone with history though!
  2. Well I'd love to bring it back now but it just doesn't seem like there's a lot of interest anymore. I don't know what I can do to save it.
  3. At this point I might as well just declare this dead. I'd love to say it was awesome while it lasted but it was too short to really say that
  4. It's been days since anyone has replied to my recent post. At this point it looks like the roleplay is dead. Why did you all leave?
  5. Well it's his car so he certainly has the right to do that. He doesn't sound like much of a friend though. Ditch him. Find someone else to drive with. Or take the bus. Or get your own drivers license. Or get some fresh air and walk. There's lot's of ways to get around driving home with him. But if he doesn't respect you, you don't need to respect him. And if you have to, just stick up for yourself.
  6. I've been taking French classes at school for seven years. I still can't even hold a conversation beyond a few sentances, and even that's a struggle. The French program is really weak. Being in Canada though, it's very advantageous to know French. I hope someday I'll become reasonably fluent. I'd really like to learn German though. I've always been fascinated by German history and language. FUR DAS VATERLAND!
  7. I've never been to the emergency room. Even for stitches. I've had some cuts that certainly would've warranted stitches but instead I got a badass scar
  8. My name is Samuel. I just go by Sam. It's ok, I suppose. It's not awesome and it's not terrible. It works though, and I don't think I'd change it. It would be awesome to be called something like "Tiberius" or "Quintus" or something Roman. Percival or Horatio would be awesome too.
  9. @ Swift was slightly frustrated by the constant flow of questions. It seems an entire week of drilling wasn't enough. Let's hope they're less clueless in real action he thought. "Go to the larboard midship! Damn it!" Swift yelled. Swift raised his looking glass to his left eye and stared at the battle. The merchant ship seemed to have sunk by now, but there were more ships in the fray. There appeared to be a second pirate ship.. It was considerably larger than the other vessel. He knew that design of ship. It was an Equestrian frigate, 36-guns. Whoever these people were they seemed to have captured one. And another ship, bearing the Equestrian naval jack. He recognized it well. It was the RNS Corner Creek. Swift and gone to school with it's captain, Post-Captain Salinity. She was experienced and levelheaded. He only hoped she'd be able to hold on until the Resilient arrived. The wind was strong and Swift estimated that they would be within range of the enemy with the hour.
  10. Well I've been really busy for the past few days and I will be for most of the weekend. I don't know about other people though. I haven't gotten any LOA requests.
  11. Neither of those are new features to a PC. Why would they build a regular PC? Surely that would flunk. "A powerful new category of living-room hardware is on the horizon." That's the keyword for me. Living-room hardware is basically what a console is. It's a simpler computer designed for one's living room to work with one's Television. As I said, I believe it will be a sort of a hybrid but I also believe there will be more console elements than PC elements.
  12. I've talked to a number. Patrick Stewart. LeVar Burton. Micheal Dorn. Nicole Oliver. Andrea Libman. Claire Corlett. Tabitha St Germain. Lee Tockar. William Shatner. Casey Biggs (think I spelled his name right). Ethan Phillipes. And a few more that I can't think of right now.
  13. How do you know it won't be the same with the Steambox? It does heavily indicate that they aren't aiming to use the mouse and keyboard as their main control system. As for that, how do you know? We have practically NO information. I can drag out specific quotes indicating a more console like system whereas it's more difficult to find ones that indicate a PC approach.
  14. Wikipedia's definition of a console is "an interactive computer which is used with a display devices (like a monitor or television) designed for the purpose of gaming". I believe it will be a mix between consoles and PCs, but I'm fairly certain it will be a console. Also, last I checked you can attached a mouse and keyboard to your console. The only thing that'll be considerably different will be customization (based off of the little info we have this far). And we don't know that it will be "so much more than that". We only have a vague idea to what it is, and a lot of it points to a more console like device with many PC elements.
  15. They sound a lot like consoles. "In the living room" and "Mouse and keyboard optional" sounds quite a bit like a console. And since we still have so little information about it I'd say it'll most likely be more of a console.