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  1. Feel free to use my OC, Total Neon! There's an image of her in the spoiler below if she's any use to your project Her RP Sheet:
  2. Not heard anything in a while guys, we're almost out of the first level XD hope you aren't all giving up!
  3. @@Fox801, Neon looked around at the tattered house, then back to Music Note. "I suppose I do need a bit of help with this place, I'm not much for DIY..." she looked nervously at the floor "are you sure you don't mind helping me out? I don't want to seem like a lot of trouble to anypony..."
  4. "Group magic?" Driftwood lowered an eyebrow "I don't know much about magic, if you think that 'collaborative spellcasting' could help us across, we should by all means attempt it. Assuming it's not somehow further harmful..." It was true, Driftwood knew very little about magic, he visualised a group of unicorns combining magic and the thought of it was somehow... painful. As though it could hurt or exhaust his allies. "Using this group spellcasting, the unicorns could make the tree into a bridge, perhaps, or move the other caravan members across." he paused in thought, "I'm not sure how difficult that is... whichever you feel you are capable of doing." Driftwood became internally conscious of his ignorance of magic and what it could be used for, he was genuinely unsure of what the unicorns could and couldn't accomplish together.
  5. The Tick. It's a kids Saturday Morning cartoon, I never watched it when I was a kid (not even sure when it came out, I think during the Batman Animated Series so like, mid nineties) but I'm a cartoon fanatic so I heard about it from around. It's a little gem, I think, relatively unheard of but pretty good, not great I suppose, but definitely worth watching. While I'm at it, I think I'll mention Sam & Max: Freelance Police. Most people, if they've heard of Sam & Max, have heard about them through Telltale's video game franchise, but Sam & Max have been going for a lot longer than that, they started out as a comic book, then a DOS game, then the TV show, then the Telltale games Anyway, here's the opening, it's got a great theme song, and it's a really funny show and completely nuts. Can certainly recommend it, but the video games are better.
  6. I've learned not outright tell people my gender from my years of gaming XD I act like myself, and people assume I am the opposite gender. It doesn't really bother me, but what does bother me is when people say I'm the opposite gender in real life- that happens not too often, but more often than it should :| the most notable time was a few years ago, I was selling things at a car-boot sale and a little boy and his grandad were buying one of my things from our stall, the grandad said "now give the money to the nice lad" pointing at me, I didn't say anything, but I've never forgotten it XD
  7. My sister bought Spike, I think he's adorable but I personally don't buy the MLP merchandise, I have other things to collect XD
  8. sure, when we leave the forest we can meet up in the next zone we won't be long out of the forest now, or you could just trot along if Swift Quill happens to already be in the forest XD you could help us cross the river, maybe?
  9. Driftwood looked back at his cart, which was still trailing behind him. "Blasted thing." he said, monotonously. "We'll find a way to get it across, I have to arrive at Canterlot with it," his voice dropped to a mutter "apparently...". He studied the rocks, the tree could certainly be lain betwixt them to make a bridge, but the weak old thing looked as though it might collapse under the weight of the cart. He tried not to think about that for now. He looked at his bandaged wing, showing a little dismay at the sight of it. He could not fly across the river, but another pegasus could, or a unicorn could use magic to pull down the tree, assuming they knew the correct spell.
  10. Dude I saw your signature and instantly had flashbacks of watching the Sonic the Hedgehog movie from when I was a kid, that scene made me cry ;_; XD

    1. ~Silver Essence~

      ~Silver Essence~

      You saw the OVA movie? Didn't think of finding someone else who saw it.

    2. TotalNeon


      I saw the dubbed version when I was a kid, I actually really love it it's a great movie XD and Metal Sonic is my favourite Sonic character XD

  11. @@Fox801, "Oh," she laughed "I-I don't sing, I don't really like music, so I've got no reason to." she hid her face behind one hoof "W-when will you be putting on the concert? Do all the ponies here like music? Do concerts happen a lot?!" she began to panic a little bit, what if the ponies here were just as noisy as the ones at home? Just because it's a small town doesn't mean it's quiet! Oh what a mess she had got herself into now, and she couldn't very well move back now. No, she was over reacting. She put her hoof down and smiled at her new friend. "I'm sorry, it's just that I heard Ponyville was a nice quiet place, well quieter than the city anyway."
  12. Driftwood huffed, then began to walk along the river towards the stepping stones he saw earlier leaving behind the band of ponies. The river's water was murky and the waves made it hard to see what lay under it, but those stones must have been connected to something in the river, something strong. He walked back to his traveling companions, "Alright, when will you two be able to continue traveling? Because we really need to get across this river today." he didn't try to sound cold, he understood that when accidents like this happen it could really throw your plans off track, but he couldn't sit around either. They needed to keep going. He didn't know this part of the forest and certainly didn't know if it was safe to camp here. "In the meantime," he turned to the other ponies, "we have a few ways of getting over this river that I can think of, we can send a pegasus over to the other side or use magic to push down that tree," he motioned to the large, but rather weak tree on the other bank "which we can use as a precarious bridge," he turned around and looked at the stones, pausing before continuing. "Or, we could try to use those" the stones, as he noticed earlier, were tall enough to get across without getting carried away by the waves, but they would have to be jumped from one to another which was, in itself, quite dangerous. "There are probably some other ways we can get across, if anypony has other ideas, please share."
  13. That's a shame :\ it was quite nice Role playing with you! Hope to see you around the forums, and have a good year at school!
  14. Argh, sorry guys, forgot to tell everyone I was going away for the week. I'm back now XD reading through your posts